Pick a Pin, Win a Pin!


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Nov 15, 2023
Hey Leaders!

In our last livestream we showed off some cool new DomiNations pins that we're giving away through various contests and events!

For the first (of multiple) giveaways, we want you to tell us which troop/tank/plane/building/item we should turn into a pin next.
No idea is too big or too small, let us know what you think would make a great pin in the future.

We'll select 15 suggestions to get a random pin from our "5 Stars" collection!
And our top favorite suggestion can choose to get either the full '5 Star set' OR the Eisenhower pin!
Please note: Being selected does not guarantee the suggestion will be made into a pin

We'll run this giveaway until October 29th and share the winners on November 1st!

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Bazooka tower