New ideas and features 3.0


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Dec 24, 2020
Hi everyone,
I hope you are all doing well during this stupidly long pandemic. I’ve got time to think about new ideas and features since the last time I uploaded. Let’s hope that some of these are going to appear in game in the next update(s). As always, I copied my last upload so you don’t have to scroll down to look for it. So, may I offer you some new ideas and features during these trying times? 😁

This is my second wave of ideas for DomiNations. I copy pasted my old one from December 28 so you can see my first ideas:

I have found some new features that could be cool to be in game:

1. Battleship
Since dawn of humanity, boats were important for travelling around the world for trading and war. The dock/shipyard could have another use than just for expeditions. We could train extra troops using rare resources, example: national trade goods. Those troops would come out from the dock/shipyard to battle. Should be available near gunpowder age or later.

1.5. Live action battleship
New mode of attacking using live action PvP battle in the river near the base. Using boats, exclusive marine troops and planes, the battles will be to the one who made the most damage on the enemy’s navy. (Just don’t want to copy CoC’s builder base)

2. Alliance market
A new economic building that lets you trade resources, troop tactics or leftovers in your inventory to your fellow allies. It can be an indestructible building, a building available in the shop or contributing to the parliament to unlock it. It can be OP for some players but there will be a limit to the amount we could trade. Example: 100,000 gold for 125,000 food or 3,000 oil. The more we upgrade this market, the better the resources we can get will go bigger. The choices in the shop: gold, food, oil, national/trade goods, troop tactics, crowns, mercenary recruits, idols, etc. The shop MUST be controlled by Pompus the Wise (Big Huge Games).

3. New kinds of animals and special farm building
For some new kinds of animals, there could be a bigger variety for terrestrial animals, but also adding some birds and fishes. For each nation, there could be an exclusive animal who has a small percentage to appear. That animal can give us a mix of many resources like gold and food at the same time. Example, the Chinese’s exclusive animal can be the panda. For the special farm building, it’s a farm let you keep some wild animals and put them in captivity. There will be a choice when hunting: hunt or keep. When hunting, the gold/food will have less value, but when you put them in the “zoo”, there value will increase. For one consequence, you have to feed the animal certain amount of food to keep the great value.

4. A new territory
At global or nuclear age, we will have a choice between choosing to conquer a new territory (island) near the base or having the protection of the United Nations (UN). The United Nations will provide you daily supplies of food, gold or oil in small amount for free. If you decide to create a colony on the new territory, you have to put investments, time and troubles to create a similar base to your original base. The colony won’t have an individual battles like in CoC. The colony will provide you supplies that is way more valuable than the one of the United Nations because of the hard work you put on the base. As a summary, the colony will just be a help to provide resources to the ones who play pacific and keep farming around.

So here it begins my new ideas. It took me about 4 month to brainstorm all of this:

5. Having Pompus the Wise as a “citizen”
Pompus the Wise mostly helps out new beginners in DomiNations but appears less in the mid and late game. It would be fun to have Pompus the Wise walking in the streets of our village and we could ask him some questions and receive answers. He could also give us very vague hints or Easter eggs about the future of DomiNations and what the developers are working on. This could help some people who are looking for content to talk about.

6. Custom colours for troops/generals
Ok, this one might be tricky to do and might be disturbing for some people out playing but making any of your troops have a specific colour on the battle field could make the player more unique to others. I know that maybe putting different colours can make someone wondering which side the soldier is on. For example, there is a heavy tank eating through your generals but the tank is blue, so you think he is on your side. In my opinion, I would like to have some colour changes by our style to make the gameplay more entertaining. Maybe this idea is only good for planes because they only appear during attacks except the GCI radar.

7. Instant collect of resources
I find this pretty annoying to have to click all the icons to collect my resources. Maybe just one tap on one icon can collect all the resources of the type. It’s a small but good change to our economy efficiency.

8. Choosing how many citizen for upgrading a building.
This is a big one. Players could be able to choose how many citizen will upgrade a building at high or low cost and fast or slow upgrade time. If the player choose 1 citizen to upgrade a building, the cost will yeet up and so do the time to upgrade. It’s a pretty difficult decision: you upgrade a lot of building with 1 citizen each but have to put a lot, I mean A LOT of resources for it and time. I’m not working at BHG nor a math teacher but there will be like a salary for one citizen for one building. I know it’s gonna take the developers a long time of hardworking and planning to arrive to this but I think this will make the difference among all other strategic games.

9. More nations
Ah yes. The good old request for years. Everyone is talking about more nations from Egyptians to Arabs to Russians. These nations may have a coalition, but it’s only good use for World Wars. I might some ideas about the bonuses for the nations I talked about:

Egyptians: Expeditions comes back faster with more loot. The percentage of bonus would be chosen by the developers. I think 30% and 50%. (No one really likes expeditions because of waste of citizens and time. I personally only do expeditions for quests during events. That’s why I think that it deserves a bonus). Nation’s unique troop: Elephant archers as heavy cavalry (Sorry, I ran out of ideas). Increased range and shoot over walls.

Arabs: Oil wells have a increased production (15%) and bigger storage (20%). Oil refinery have a bigger storage size (20%). Oil is one of the top most important, needed and rare resources (for the ones that can find enough). This nation would be ESPECIALLY good and efficient in late game, past Enlightenment age. Nation’s unique troop: Heavy infantry (I couldn’t find an infantry name). Has a spear that can pierce through a line of enemies or regrouped soldiers. Extra damage against enemy troops.

Russians: Give a shield to all troops deployed during combat after earning a star. (15% for 1 star -> 20% for 4 stars. Logically, at 5 stars, you win.) Nation’s unique troop: Tank T-34 (from the coalitions) as heavy tank. Increased speed or shooting speed by about 20%.

At the end, no offence to anyone from these nations. I don’t hate them in any way. Just used my history lessons and DomiNations experience for these 3 nations’ bonuses. Egypt has more expeditions bonuses because of the Nile river, perfect for maritime commerce. Arab has bonuses for oil because soil rich in oil. Russia has offensive bonuses because why not. It’s known for being a superpower so it definitely needs a military advantage.

This wraps up my second wave of ideas. Maybe I would have some new ideas soon but it would take a loooooonnnnnng time before finding a good idea.

Stay safe wherever you are. 😷

This starts my third wave of ideas:

10. Second slot for University research
By paying 1000 or 1500 crowns, we can have the ability to research twice for a Leader but only for one Leader. This can greatly impact the way to “speed run” the University because we all know it takes a long time to finish one single Leader. In my opinion, it should be only available at a certain level to prevent people rushing in early game for Hiawatha, Mansa Moussa and Moctezuma. I would say like Global Age because that is the moment you can unlock many OP things in the University and starting new important Leaders. (P.S.: I’m Global Age, that’s why 😜)

11. Decorations 🗿
Since the update 9.5, the Store has now a space under the Wonders where Decorations could be held. Decorations should not have ANY bonuses to anyone who buys it. It is only for aesthetic. I’ve got an idea inside this idea: after every anniversary of the game, we can receive an exclusive Decorations like a cake with the number of how old the game is. This gives another feeling of accomplishment throughout the course of playing DomiNations. There can be statues of generals in real life or just when you max out a general. And of course, we cannot forget about flags to represent the player’s true nation.

12. Team Trees 🌲🎄🌳🌴
With the addition of decorations in #11, there will be 2 options when destroying down any obstacle (mostly trees. What would you do with a rock?): Destroy or Move. Moving the obstacle will cost twice for taking the obstacle down and replanting it. It will still be cheaper than buying it from the Store.

13. Electricity (optional maybe impossible to put in game)
This one is kind of fancy because it will take a lot of time and dedication from the developers to successfully put this idea in game. There would be a Power plant (3x3 or 4x4 building) and electric poles (indestructible building like roads). Every time a building is connected to the power plant by electric poles, there will be a bonus shield when being attacked. I would say a 1% shield of their original health for a power plant level 1 and +1% every time the power plant is upgraded. When the power plant is destroyed, it would create an explosion 3 seconds later and deals 20% of the enemy troop’s missing health and slow them down by 10%. As a downside, if the power plant is destroyed, any remaining building still standing will get damaged for a certain amount. So protect your power plant or let the flame die out.💨🔥

14. Masks up
Citizens are requested to wear face masks when going at work, studying, hunting or travelling.

15. Border for Alliance’s Crest
For every time the alliance levels up every 5 levels, the Crest would have an exclusive border for it. Just a little extra for aesthetics.

16. New environment
I’m kinda tired of seeing the same mountains, the same river, the same forest, etc. I would like a little change to the outer space of our base depending the nation we chose like European, Mediterranean or Asia Oriental.

Thanks for the support just by reading up to this. I really hope that BHG would read this and at least, do one of the ideas I wrote. This might be my last upload, I’m not sure, I’m kinda broke in ideas😅. I might make a comeback in a few months.
Stay safe and DomiNate your fears.