Moon Idea


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Dec 13, 2017
Since we built rockets at this point, what if we worked on a special space shuttle building that took many stages, time and resources to complete. You’ll need to build a new type of refinery to process your oil into rocket fuel, a new resource. Also, we need some type of fuel to power the moon base unless we want to make it all solar and wind, so we want to bring some nuclear material along. Now we need a mine for uranium and to process it into fuel, along with a nuclear power plant or maybe a moon based one. When finished with the shuttle and launch site you could launch a spacecraft to the moon and work on settling a moon map, and make new troop units exclusive for the moon. There would be separate moon battles. We could have a special greenhouse on the moon for food. We could also build satellites that have parts you can add on, like bigger scan range, a solar power unit, shields, better communications, & more. We could build a space station that also has parts that you keep adding on, starting simple and expanding living quarters, computers inside it, solar power, propulsion, etc. kind of like in Civilization, think it was. One of the guys who designed this game worked on old Civilization 2. The sky’s the limit 😂