Marco Polo Tokens for Speed Ups?


Sep 7, 2023
So I just went info age, currently L301. Lots to do ANY new age. I want to upgrade my castle (fort) to unlock Sun Tzu. I finally finished 57/57 research tasks for Hannibal and need workers to research the capstone tech and unlock L21 Hannibal. I want to build Hermitage Museum which takes 10 workers, 5 days, for 5 stages. The list goes on and on of ‘priorities’, but if you’ve read this far and understand the above you get my point.

My suggested solution is to convert the about 120 MP tokens I have into speed ups (SU) to help with the most pressing priorities. I’m doing this daily currently at a clip of 5 MP tokens times 3 chests. I anxiously wait on MP to arrive at 11am local time for these 3 chests!

Is there another way to do this I’m missing?

Sorry in advance if this query has been posted before, I’m new to this forum. Thanks in advance!


New member
Sep 17, 2023
Converting your MP tokens into speed ups is a good strategy to prioritize your in-game tasks efficiently. Keep up with your current routine of opening chests for MP tokens, as it seems effective for your needs. If you have any other in-game resources or strategies to optimize your progress, feel free to explore those as well. Good luck with your upgrades and goals!