Increase Game Variety - Manufactory, Museum, & Beyond


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Feb 22, 2021
One of my strongest opinions for several years now has been to help Domination's become the best game possible by increasing game experience variety, increasing challenge, and personalization while creating a unique player experience defensively and offensively for players, so no one attack or base should ever end up the same! Without this progress, it's easy for progression to be repetitive and hurt the retention of players and overall enjoyment.

Firstly, I think the Manfactory and Coucil were a huge push in this direction for the better. However, I am concerned that if further advancements aren't made, what could be a phenomenal opportunity will be missed.


Game recommendations for variety improvements:

In short, the most obvious solutions might be:

+2 diverse subjective defensive war Legendaries

+2 minimum options for each munition category. ( total of 5 total options )

+1 Commitee options for both offensive and defensive benefits, promoting less-utilized card categories and combinations.

+ 1 drone option for defensive and offensive styles

Make these differences subjective to opinion, not better in quantitative performance. In every sense, the War Club is superior to White Death. But what if White Death gave a suppression effect to Sniper Towers? What if artifact X maybe gave garrisons a 15% chance to spawn a Bazzooka troop? Now the game gets interesting, and each base becomes more unique.

I am also a firm believer. Please stop making strange hybrid offensive and defensive combinations. Narmer Plate comes to mind, as it seems unsure if it wants to be a defensive or offensive artifact; these just dilute the artifact's circulation and probably won't get played. It has become rather universal; the game has evolved to have pure defenders or pure attackers, and new additions should support this.


The current state of the game is that you have both attackers and defenders. Attackers have had a large variety of options for years, and in the current meta, there are easily three varieties of top-tier attack styles that are viable, along with variations.

However, defenders are essentially running the same 3–4 defensive artifacts. Several of the pseudo-mid-tier versions aren't viable considerations. For years, I have begged for quality defensive artifacts that could promote variety and make attackers actually have to consider how they might approach their base. War Club was more of an upgrade, and with barracks troops advancement, Crocodile Mask's post-decade decline of factory troops was a big miss. So as it stands, everyone basically runs the same thing. SNOOOzEEEE!

In regards to Manufactory, each upgrade unit or building currently has 3 options; all players are likely to use 2. Leaving 1 out, and most obviously, there are very clear and superior selections. This isn't variety, and all we have done as a community is add more stats to our bases and units without really changing anything.

We have a very similar problem with Council, where there aren't really any options for your Commitee cards; there are only the best and others. Again, stat boots, not variety.

Drones have a little more flexibility, and there are a couple good considerations for defensive drones, but offensive drones are pretty useless but at least have single-use cards.

I strongly think that BHG games should strongly consider ways to make the game more interesting, dynamic, and personalized for each player rather than just adding on the same stat increases every new age where we are essentially playing the same game as the year before.

Between Drones, Council, Museum, and especially Manufactory I feel there are huge opportunities to make the game more interesting, fun, and dynamic, and hope to see Dominations go from good to phenomenal with some of these small but important changes.

Feel free to like or support this post if you agree, without community support, changes like these will likely never come to light.