Implement Keyboard Shortcuts for a Smoother PC Dominations Experience!

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Feb 6, 2024
Hi everyone,

As a huge fan of Dominations, I'm thrilled to see it finally available on PC! It's been a blast conquering and warring from the comfort of my keyboard and mouse. However, I believe a key addition could further enhance the PC experience: keyboard shortcuts.

Dominations has thrived on mobile for years, but the PC platform offers a different gameplay style. Keyboard shortcuts would streamline actions, making the game feel more intuitive and efficient for PC users. Imagine:
  • Building, researching, and training troops with a tap of a button/specific short cuts.
  • Issuing commands and maneuvering troops with ease.
These are just a few examples. Keyboard shortcuts would significantly improve gameplay flow and make Dominations feel truly native on PC. This, in turn, could attract a wider audience of PC gamers who appreciate the added control and responsiveness that shortcuts provide.

I understand Dominations has its roots on mobile, but catering to the PC audience with this simple feature would demonstrate a commitment to a smooth and enjoyable PC experience.

Who's with me? Let's show our support for keyboard shortcuts in Dominations!


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Dec 5, 2023
People on mobile devices have found ways to speed up deployment - pc users don't have the same options so why shouldn't they be given a similar advantage? I don't think hotkeys would/should necessarily deploy all troops immediately - just save you having to drag the mouse.
For the record I don't play on the pc - I just happen to see a potential qol improvement. Beside, adding hotkeys data would be like a drop in the ocean to this already bloated game.
If you're worried about adding data, maybe BHG could remove such uselessness as the individual reward collection graphics in the events - just make a collect all button - or the unnecessary councillor merging graphics or the even-more-unnecessary graphics when opening each councillor cards - better yet, when I have 30 cards in my inventory, let me open them up with one click and save all that pointless data.

Besides, this whole conversation is moot: if BHG don't introduce this, no-one cares. If they do introduce this, a small percentage of players - who aren't even vocal - will no longer be not heard. 😄
This is for sure - there are many useful improvements!... still not implemented... But all is the will of Allа... oy, ugh!... of course BHG! :ROFLMAO:
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