Greek Civilizational Bonus Update


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Mar 25, 2015

This suggestion is basically that BHG should update Greek to where they're somewhat more used (especially for late game since most people are either Germans or otherwise).

The update is simple - make ALL upgrades and research have the 5% cost refund from Greeks instead of just buildings. And maybe even update it to be 10% refund instead.

Another addition could be the -5min per age to complete for free could apply to ALL research/upgrades. (This could go further to be automatically done instead of manually having to press 'Finish'). I believe University or Library for example can't finish for free

This would at least make Greek a significantly stronger economic force, considering their offense lacks at late game (most people change age to one with more offensive capability or use Heavy Tank so their civ unit of Cavalry loses use/effectiveness).

As for people that are already capped their age, they could get a temporary 'pool' of upgrade refunds from their last+current age to take from (last age maybe half of the amount). It would be a bit overly much of a resource injection as current age to first age. This portion of the suggestion is not necessary though. To avoid abuse, it would be tracked if you upgraded via the Greek you can't get free resources as a non-Greek swapping to Greek.

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