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Dec 23, 2014
Government System

I would like to suggest government system. Government is vital to every nation and I will discuss how this system will be impeccable to the Dominations gameplay.

Government types will unlock a series of bonuses with drawbacks to some. Every nation/player can only have 1 government type initially to choose from. Once you hit Enlightenment Age and Level 90 you can have 2 combinations of government system. This government type will also diversify more to those have similar nation such as Chinese Capitalist Communism, French Feudalistic Federation, English Constitutional Monarchy, Japanese Pacifist Dictatorship, players imagination is the only limit. You can access governments in Revolution tabs at Town Centers or Nexon developers could provide a separate building for governing body system. Every change in government will cost 300 to 600 crowns but you can get a free government change by going Anarchy for 7 days.

Government Types Age and Level Requirements

Medieval Age / Level 30

Anarchy - no bonus / you can freely change your government type after 7 days of anarchy without spending a crown.
*Monarchy - gain 25 crowns everyday and increase building speed of wonders by 10% but 1 Citizen will be Oppressed
*Empire - 15% decrease in cost of forest expansion and 5% chance finding diamond in combat but 1 Citizen will be Oppressed
Republic - +1 or 2 citizens
Chiefdom - increase 3% chance in finding cider, metal, furs, and leather and decrease gathering time by 10%.

Gunpowder Age / Level 60

Technocratic - 10% decrease on research cost in library and armory but also decreases blessing effectiveness by -3%
Theocratic- 5% increase in blessing effectiveness but increases the research time in library and armory by 10%
*Colony - 15% chance finding ciders and metals but 2 Citizen will be Oppressed
*Confederacy - 15% chance finding leather and furs but 2 Citizen will be Oppressed
*Aristocracy - 5% chance finding diamonds in gold mines but 2 Citizen will be Oppressed.
*Feudalism - +1 cavalry max population on every stable but -50% on farm food collection and -5% finding ciders 2 Citizens will be Oppressed.
*Communism - +2 defender max population on every garrison but -50% on caravans and road networks gold collection and -5% finding metals 2 Citizens will be Oppressed.

Enlightenment Age / Level 90 (2 Government Types will be Available)

*Dictatorship - On attack and defense generals have +5% health regeneration ticks every 3 seconds but 3 Citizens will be Oppressed.
*Fascism - +1 tactic but -50% on oil production and 2 Citizens will be Oppressed.
Federalism - +3 from troop donation and -50% decrease in time for donation calls.
Capitalism - 10% increase in vault interest rates and 50% increase in both gold and food collection and 25% increase in oil production.

Industrial Age / Level 120

*Oligarchy - 100% increase in oil production but 3 Citizens will be Oppressed.
*Totalitarian - increase +15 troop space but lessen peace duration by 75% or cannot use peace treaties and 3 Citizens will be Oppressed.
Pacifism - decrease 15 troop space but doubles the duration of peace treaties and increase 3% chance in finding cider, metal, furs, and leather and +1 mercenary capacity.
Constitutional - combining this government type with another will cease all the drawbacks and oppression of the other government. E.g. Constitutional Dictatorship will retain bonus of 5% health general regen and no oppression or Constitutional Totalitarian means +15 troop space and you can now use peace treaties and no more oppression. This government type can only be combine marked by the asterisk (*).
Absolute - combining this government type with another will strengthen all government bonuses and drawbacks. E.g Absolute Dictatorship will increase its bonus from 5% health regen to 10% but it also doubles it oppression by 3 Citizens to 6 Citizens or Absolute Totalitarian will increase its bonus from 15 to 25 but is also doubles its oppression from 3 Citizens to 6 Citizens. This government type can only be combine marked by the asterisk (*).

Glossary Notes:

Oppressed - means you're citizens will not available for work. If 2 Citizen are Oppressed with the population of 10 then total available workers will be 8/10.

Oppression and Rebellion

Now that you learned about different government types now I'm going to explain the application of the Oppression and Rebellion system in play with our Government System.

As you have noticed, some of the government do have an oppressive policy where citizen were unable to yield contributions to the nation. Oppressed citizens will try to rebel your government and force it into the Anarchy. The nation or player's job is to quell this rebellion to maintain your desired government.

Oppression Bar and Base Percentage

Let say for example your a Greek nation under a Dictatorship system with a population of 10. Dictatorship system involves 2 Oppressed Citizens means you got only 8 spare citizens to do national jobs. We will introduce the Oppression bar. This bar will determine the chances of your citizen to incite a rebellion via percentage from 0% to 100%. Oppression Bar default or base percentage in our example is 20%, it's determined by the ratio of total population vs numbers of oppressed citizen. So if you're running in a Republic your base will be 0%.

How the Oppression Bar increases and decreases?

Oppression Bar can increases when there are more busy/used citizens than free citizens. For example, again the Greek Dictatorship have been upgrading its Town Center which cost 4 Citizens. As you have noticed there now more busy citizens over free citizen by 6 vs 4 at total of 10 [4 for Town Center, 2 Oppressed and 4 Free]. Now for each succeeding hour the oppression bar will increase by 0.5%, so in 1 day it would increase by 12%. So if we add up the base oppression of Dictatorship 20%+12% then in 1 day it would increase to 32%. This would also mean that being a government without oppressive traits doesn't save you from rebellion.

The only way to decrease Oppression Bar is to let half of your citizen loose. So for example, again our Greek Dictatorship cancel the upgrade progress of its Town Center in this case 2 vs 8 in total of 10 [2 Oppressed and 8 Free], oppression bar will decrease by 1% per hour until it reaches the base percentage of desired government which in our example would be 20%. It's also much faster to decrease oppression than to increase it.

As you have noticed it's really hard to maintain for example a Totalitarian Dictatorship with 6 Oppressed Citizen vs 4 Free in a population of 10 because oppression bar will always increase no matter what. Players may have a choice to increase its population by purchasing additional Houses so bear this in mind. This is the trade-offs the nations/players must engage with.

Developers can monetize this system by introducing Rebels Truce Scrolls for 24 hours or Rebel Bribery Scroll to lower base oppression to 0% in the forms of crowns. Developers can further monetize the system by selling additional Houses to quell population problems.

Revolt Chance

Every 24 hours there will be a chance that rebellion occurs via the percentage of current oppression bar from 0% to 100%. The more oppressive and relentless the government to its citizen to more chance it would try to incite a rebellion.

The Rebellion

If chance doesn't favor you there will a battle in which your base will be attacked by this rebels. AI troops that are similar to your upgrades will swamp randomly in the form of typical raid. The rebels don't have any access to rally points, tactics, blessing or generals. The only catch is there are numerous! The population of rebel army will determine also by your population.1 citizen = 20 troops space so in our example 10 citizen mean there will be a 200 troops! I will leave the troop composition for the developers to decide.

Revolt Conclusion

Rebel army can only succeed revolting on your government by winning 3 stars and above. If the rebel army were successful your government will automatically on Anarchy. You can choose to wait it out for 7 days or purchase crowns to speed things up. If however your base withstand this rebellion the oppression bar will automatically reduce to its base percentage.

Why suggest this? Why is this a good thing for both players and developers?
  • Citizen will be more useful adding demands on purchases for Houses both for new and veteran players.
  • Players will engage on pros and cons on building their nation thus adding more depth and variation.
  • Developers can easily monetize this concept using the F2P system.
  • Developers will notice that players would often want to engage in different types of government system to fit their needs. Such as government types for War, Economy, Raids or Defense.
  • Players in higher levels can use their idle citizenry in more subtle government system

Since this is just a suggestion I don't really expect this would be in game. I just hope the creative team would have hand-pick this and take ideas as a grain of salt.
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Nov 25, 2015
This better be a huge feature for Global Age, or so help me I will raise my 95 troop army and I'll......


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May 22, 2016
This is in its self a game- too complicated for dominations but this could be a potentially fun game on its own :p good ideas- lots of effort went into this


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Dec 14, 2016
The beste Idee ever!
Too Bad, i dont think it will be considered.... Its a dare on nexon!


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Sep 15, 2016
I want this! We should have a goverment building to go with this. Or just at the Town Centre?


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Feb 24, 2015
The feature could be implemented in the town hall or a new building even tho we are running out of space.