Dracula Returns - Week Ahead 10/30


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Apr 21, 2015

Greetings Leaders,

This week is the final week of October which means Spooky Season is coming to a close! The Dracula Event closes out the rest of October and opens early November getting you discounts on a handful of Upgrades. All that and more in the week ahead!

Episodes 11/2 - 11/9


Able Archer 83 Episode

The Able Archer 83 Episode stocks you up on various Troop Tactics for free including American Marines, M46 Patton Tank, and the FA-18 Hornet.

If you pick up the Premium Pass you’ll be able to acquire the F-15 STOL, RAH-66 Comanche, and even more Troop Tactics.

Ranking within the Top 100 on the Global Leaderboard can get you the Demarcation Stone Legendary Artifact!


Machine Gun Episode
The Machine Gun Episode fires off Troop Tactics like the AT-4 Bazooka, Night Witch, M109 Howitzer Tank, and more for Free!

Premium Pass holders can expect multiple chances at various Legendary Artifacts from the Season 5 Chest, Factory Troop Legendary Artifact Chest, and the Flying Machine Legendary Heat Up Chest!



Dracula Event 10/29 - 11/5
This week is our Dracula Event!

Vampires are a significant part of modern culture, and much of that is thanks to Bram Stoker's Dracula, published in 1897. The novel is regarded as a quintessential piece of Gothic and English literature and is written as a series of letters, diary entries, and newspaper articles. Stoker drew extensively from Transylvanian folklore and history to write it.

Although Dracula is entirely fictitious, some argue he was based on Vlad III, who was known more commonly as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. Vlad III was a Prince of Wallachia from 1448 to 1477. The comparison is contentious, as Stoker's notes never mention Vlad III, only that Stoker picked the name Dracula because of the Romanian word “Dracul”--meaning “the devil”.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time! (Automation Age levels will not be discounted.)

25% off the following building upgrades:
• Garrison
• Bunker
• Decoy Trap
• Claymore

33% off the following troop upgrades:
• Cavalry
• Ranged Cavalry
• Assault Vehicle

Legendary Step-Ups 10/30 - 11/6


Julius Caesar Statue Step-Up
Multiple chances to acquire the Julius Caesar Statue Legendary Artifact through chests!

Crocodile Mask Guaranteed Step-Up
You’ll find chances at the Crocodile Mask Legendary Artifact through Chests. Completing all steps will guarantee you the Legendary Artifact!


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May 17, 2022
Does BHG think there are only 100 players in this game?
demarcation stone is totally unworthy of the top 100 rewards.