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Donated troops change idea


New member
Aug 30, 2021
I don't know if there are many new players in the game, but I fear this could be caused by frustration in early ages. I remember that one of the most frustrating things in early ages were world wars, the reason was super advanced troops defending the city centre and stronghold, which annihilate your troops and you didn't even know how to prevent it.

My proposal is to reduce all donated troops level to the receiver level +1age --> example: a gunpowder age town can only recieve enlightenment level troops as maximum.

I believe this change would match the expectations a new player has when he is attacking, at least in world wars. (This change could be implemented in multiplayer battles too).
In my view, it would reduce the feeling of frustration when you play Dominations. And finally, this would avoid the mixture of helicopters, bazookas and heavy tanks defending the same city together with cavalry and pikemen.


Active member
Aug 6, 2021
I believe this is unnecessary, I think there should be a lot of nerfing to the defensive buildings and their damage below industrial age. And buffing to the anti defender troops (rifleman, currently they 6 shot normal enemy defenders of their ages, they should have a particular role. Like they deal high damage to defender soldiers only i.e. defender troops, bazookas or any sort of defender infantry ) of all ages. The bazooka/rocket infantry is a menace, their hitpoints should be nerfed by a fair amount, their effectiveness should be achieved via researches in the library and university only. The bazooka and armored cars are the only thing wrecking havoc to the attackers in ages below the industrial age. Making level based donations kinda ruins the fun of the game. After getting, decoy and planes this problem is kind of solved.


Approved user
May 17, 2018
back in the day, Betrayal was my super loved tactic!! Use it on those troops you fear the most...

King Crimson

Approved user
Apr 21, 2016
The main reason for making use of your allies is to gain their superior weapons. You can protect your TC just as others do to theirs.