Better “sorting” for museum legendaries and artifacts

Big Romeeyo

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May 15, 2021
Can you guys please add better “sorting” features for museum artifacts and legendaries? I own so many - some tailored more towards defense, others to offense, and some a little of both; it would be nice to be able to sort/separate all defensive into one column or bucket, and offensive into another with an option to load either one with the simple press of a button. There could be a third column as well for a mixture of both for a more balanced offensive/defensive strategy. But in short, something that makes them all easier to identify, and easier to select/load out.
My current process involves opening/reading each one as a reminder of which one has what benefits, before assigning them depending on which strategy I’m choosing for a war…hopefully that makes sense. Many of the artifacts are the same items but with different benefits, and with having so many it’s impossible to remember them all..even when you’ve owned them for a while.
I feel like loading offensive or defensive museum artifacts could be so much easier if the same level of detail is applied in sorting, like that of the council. Not something too complex though…just simple sorting. Thanks!
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King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
You may have created a rod for your own back! 😃
But yeah this would be a great addition - and it's not like it hasn't been asked for a hundred times already.