African Americans in History - Week Ahead 2/12


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week begins the final discount tier in Winter for the Ages! We’ll also be recognizing Rio Carnival with the Sutton Hoo Helmet on the Global Leaderboard Challenge.You’ll find coalition discounts from the African Americans in History Event! All that and more in the Week Ahead!

Winter for the Ages
Much like the final month of winter is here, the final discount tier in Winter for the Ages is upon us! From 2/11 - 3/3 the Age Rush discount will be 40% off on upgrades to troops and buildings. The Town Center upgrade will continue to finish instantly.


You’ll be able to quickly build and expand your city with the Age Rush Discount alongside the Winter War event!

The Soviet Union expected a quick victory when they invaded Finland in November 1939. They had significant infantry superiority, and their thousands of planes and tanks could be met by only a few dozen on the Finnish side. With sympathy but no real military aid from abroad, the Finns set up defenses along two fronts. One was the northern hinterlands whose forests were well suited for a guerrilla campaign. The other was a line on the Karelian Peninsula named for Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, Finland’s national hero and the leader of the war effort. Finnish infantry managed to hold the Mannerheim Line for two months in the face of brutal bombardment. By year’s end Stalin had grown furious at the Red Army’s failure to conquer their smaller neighbor. A redoubled offensive under a new marshal finally overwhelmed the exhausted Finns, forcing them to sign a harsh peace in March 1940.

For the duration of the event, Farms, Caravans, and Oil Wells will produce:

• 100% More Food!
• 100% More Gold!
• 100% More Oil!

Episodes 2/15 - 2/22


Rio Carnival Episode
Celebrate Rio Carnival in this pass! You’ll acquire Green Jacket Riflemen, CV 33 Flamethrower Tanks, Rickenbacker Plane, and more Troop Tactics for free! The Premium Pass can get you Mil Mi 24, Humvee, and Heavy Tank Mk6 Troop Tactics.

If you can rank in the top 100 on the Global Leaderboard you can claim the Sutton Hoo Helmet Legendary Artifact!


Viking Raid Episode
The Free tier of this pass will get you both Viking Army and Shieldmaiden Troop Tactics among other great rewards! Premium pass holders can get themselves chances at the Legendary Artifact Caligula’s Ring through chests. You’ll even find Black Hawk Medic and Tupolev Tu-160 Troop Tactics!

Manufactory Prime Pass
This pass will help stock up on Manufactory materials. You’ll find Premium Recruitments alongside Manufactory Prime Material Chests and even Platinum! Upgrading to the Premium Pass will get you even more Platinum and Manufactory Prime Material Chests.



African Americans in History Event 2/11 - 2/18
This week is our African Americans in History Event!

Throughout history African Americans have made an impact as inventors, doctors, researchers, and businesspeople. This event highlights lesser known accomplishments by successful African Americans throughout history. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and Dr. Charles R. Drew both made significant strides in the medical field. Dr. Williams performed the first successful open heart surgery in the United States after completing pericardium surgery to repair a wound. Dr. Drew developed new techniques for storing blood while creating comprehensive blood banks during World War II. In business, Madam C.J. Walker was the wealthiest self-made woman of her time. Her company, Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company, specialized in cosmetics and hair products for African American women. Garrett Morgan patented many inventions during the same era, but is most well-known for inventing the three-position traffic signal and the smoke hood. The smoke hood was awarded a gold medal by the International Association of Fire Chiefs. His invention would later be used to form gas masks during World War I. There are many other great African Americans who should be more widely recognized; however, we start on that path by celebrating these four and their contributions to the world.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following Coalition upgrades:
• Mongols
• Cherokee
• Americans
• Ethiopians


Lion of Judah Event 2/13 - 2/20
As Ethiopia’s 225th and final emperor, Ras Tafari Makonnen took the name Haile Selassie to signify the Power of the Trinity. Marcus Garvey, a leader of the black nationalist movement, spoke of a prophecy that was said to have been fulfilled upon Selassie’s coronation - 'Look to Africa where a black king shall be crowned, he shall be the Redeemer'.

Haile Selassie left behind an immense legacy with his image as a dignified African ruler who was seen as an equal with other world leaders and the builder of modern Ethiopia. Selassie was dubbed the 'Lion of Judah'. Selassie is at the center of the Rastafari religion, whose members believe in his divine nature. Selassie brought Ethiopia into the League of Nations and promoted modernization by advocating for education, tourism, and theater. Selassie believed in Pan-Africanism and he persuaded fellow leaders to join the Organization of African Unity, the predecessor to the African Union, which is now Africa’s main political forum. In 1974, after growing increasingly authoritarian, he was overthrown and would die imprisoned in his palace the following year.

Go to your University and enjoy 50% off on all of Haile Selassie’s University skills for a limited time!

Legendary Step-Ups 2/12 - 2/19


Heavy Tank Artifact Chest Step-Up
A variety of Heavy Tank related Legendary Artifacts can be found in this step-up sale through chests. You could find the T-34 Tank Engine, Video Game Console, Antikythera Mechanism, and more!

Sojourner Mars Rover Guaranteed Step-Up
A chest is available in this step-up sale that gives you chances at the Legendary Artifact Sojourner Mars Rover. Completing each step will get you this Legendary guaranteed!