A revamp idea proposal for the barrage war tactic


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Aug 6, 2021
The barrage is like the demolition, it uses up many war tactics to destroy stronghold and donated troops while heavy enemy towers remain. The effect overall is minimal. Which makes it a bad tactic even for lower ages. I suggest that we give this war tactic a brand new purpose and mechanic. The idea I had was a suppression war tactic. While it still does damage it will also suppress all defenders and enemy buildings in the area. The overall damage output gets a little buff compared to what we have now but the damage is dealt out over time for 5 seconds. And everything in the area of effect is suppressed for 5 seconds. The time for which this is carried out will increase with increasing upgrades as well as the amount of suppression. The suppression amount wont be as high as machine guns or biplanes but with increasing upgrades this tactic will rival those suppression effects at a later stage with great amount of time and good damage. The magnitude of damage of barrage on the enemy buildings will be less than it is for defenders to maintain a sort of balance.


Mar 5, 2022
I like this idea.

A periodic "pulse" of damage, treated visually as either an artillery barrage or gunfire from a Hercules support aircraft. I also agree with the overall increase in damage at the cost of doling it out over time to balance.

This would now have a nice synergy with the Decoy, as the enemy defenders would have to stay in the zone of effect for max damage. You might say it might be too much with a Decoy, but it requires two slots to achieve an effect most of us do with a pair of fighters. Also, the suppression effect is keeping in line perfectly with the effect such a barrage has on real world troops.
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