A few in-game improvement requests


New member
Jan 8, 2024
Hello everyone,

We use supplies, researchers and benefactors when developing valuable works at the museum. However, almost everyone has more researchers than they can use. I think we should trade these researchers for supplies.

You're constantly introducing new events, and these events often involve reducing the required materials. Instead of reducing materials, we want to reduce time.

So far, I have not seen any work or person in the council or museum that developed the attack vehicle. I request that this be added to the game.

We want to develop faster by taking additional slots from the armory and workshop with the crown. It needs to be added to the game with a new update.

For the military units, defense buildings, wonders and everything else in the game. Anything that can be improved with the university and the library should be a clue where we can see where the reinforcement is being received.

I request that awards be given to people whose suggestions are accepted and who contribute to the development of the game.