About in-game development


New member
Jan 8, 2024
Thanks to the new update, we can organize military units or research while developing barracks, factories, airstrips, libraries and universities. However, we cannot recruit generals for the Fort upgrade or soldiers for the Mercenary Camp upgrade. We expect an arrangement between these.

We can get help from our allies in library, university and building upgrades. However, we do not get any speed-up help in Armory research. I also ask the allies to speed up their arsenal research.

The most missing thing in the game is probably battleships. I request you to add warships in the future.

I think there should be a screen where we can see the parliamentary donations of the allies. I would like this to be added to the game with an update.

I opened nearly 150 recruitment cards last night. I had to open them all one by one. I request that the button to open the recruitment cards in the inventory at once be added to the game.

I would like the chat option to be added so that we can communicate with other Alliances.