7 Seas Update and other ideas


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Oct 22, 2020
I’ve had an idea for awhile now, that “why isn’t the sea used often?” I mean don’t get me wrong, it is used but not to its fullest potential.

First off, add a new structure on the island (the one on the Right-hand side of the screen) called the “Lighthouse” as similar structures have been around for 1000’s of years. It’s effect would be a defense storage for your alliance’s ship troops (allies donate water units from primitive to advanced and they will fight for you. EX: a newbie maybe iron-classical age donates a raft of archers to your base to help defend. Much like donated troops but instead of offensive its defensive).

Saying this, a screen expansion for the water will almost be necessary along with new defensive capabilities, a Port is another pre-existing (but not built) structure that will produce water troops when opponent troops approach your land. Along with underwater mines (can start of with kegs of gunpowder around the medieval-gunpowder age). And a new coalition called the “British” being a water unit that can be upgraded and will be a defensive coalition (mid-late game coalition).

Water Units can also be made at this so called port and set to dormant (meaning the units produced will stay in the port no matter what) or defensive (meaning the units produced will seep out of the port similar to a Command Post and will try its best to defend from land, air and sea threats if possible). The catch of using defensive is that it consumes the units used and you will need to make new ones to replace them.

a few unit ideas would be a “Carrier” which has enough space to add an extra airspace (air unit attached to the carrier until it reaches land) To your troop space (2 airspace late game). The catch is that it takes a huge chunk of troop space (~15-20 space) and costs alot of oil to produce (1000? Oil).

another unit would be a “Destroyer” (Assume these are later game units but start off as more primitive units) which has large guns that can reach a long distance (about 1 unit of forest clearing at the bottom of the land at the start, but needs University upgrades to improve distance). It does High damage but can easily be destroyed by underwater mines or other water based defenses. And is fairly costly on the Oil (750? Oil).

And lastly, the “Submarine” These units completely bypass Underwater mines (not trigger) and have a single powerful torpedo shot that sinks other ships like a hot knife through butter (but will only target the first water unit it sees or a favorite target). After it touches land it will use a “sonar” that weakens nearby units (wether land, air or sea) but will easily be taken out by units/good defenses. (I’d say oil cost would be 1250? Oil).

As for the University a new teacher would be Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, and his specialty would be “Plunder and Navigation” with a bunch of loot and Rally/tactics upgrades. The final upgrade would add an ability once per day to add a pirate ship that shoots cannons while sailing in the water and once it touches land pirates spawn (similar to an APC but on a larger scale).

You can add more or less to this if you’d like Big Huge Games I’d be happy either way! Any additions or comments? (This is my first time writing an idea, please go easy).