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11/29 Morning Maintenance and Future Updates

Greetings Leaders,

Our maintenance this morning featured some non-player-facing backend updates to help keep DomiNations running smoothly! However, we still have a few more things we’re looking to implement in a...

DomiNations Update 11.3.1

Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.3.1 is rolling out now! This update features fixes for various network issues found around the Drone Command Building.

Defensive Drone Disconnect Issues

Fixed an issue where some...

DomiNations Sitrep #2 - Drone Command

Our DomiNations Sitrep #2 is Live!

Our Sitrep series will update you on the latest features and events hitting DomiNations! This edition of Sitrep highlights the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday sales and the Drone...

New Legendary Artifact - Li Vessel

Greetings Leaders,

A brand new Legendary Artifact is now available! The Li Vessel focuses on bolstering the APC unit to overwhelm your enemies with Heavy Infantry Units!

November Legendary Token Calendar

Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in November:


Da Vinci’s Machine Gun - 300 tokens
Napoleon’s Hat...

New Legendary War Artifact - Maori War Club

Greetings Leaders,

A brand new Legendary War Artifact is now available! The Maori War Club is an artifact that focuses on bolstering your Defensive builds. You can get a shot at obtaining this artifact with the...

Update on Network Issues

Greetings Leaders,

We’re still very hard at work in completing a fix for the issues around Instant Retrain/Retraining in general and Combat. We confirmed early on that there is a network disconnect that is causing...

DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update

Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.2.5 is rolling out live with multiple backend updates, some of which include network stability in battle scenarios. This update also includes a major revision to Oil with increased...

DomiNations 11.2.4 Hotfix

Greetings Leaders,

Hotfix 11.2.4 is rolling out now. This fix addresses indefinite load times the “Yellow Circle” when loading into World Wars. Additionally, it implements updates for Game Center Account-related...

Summer for the Ages 2022

Greetings Leaders,

Pull out that sunscreen, and grab your volleyball net and surfboards! It’s high time we kicked off our annual Summer for the Ages event! Starting 7/18 we’ll be running our Classical and Medieval...

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