Wizards family of alliances

Deja Trop Tard

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Aug 30, 2018


We are excited to announce that with our recent merger with Rebels United, the Templars family of alliances continues to evolve and grow together as we transition to the new Wizards family of alliances!

Our discord - https://discord.gg/qU2v86mPTB

  • InvictusWizards is our top war-focused alliance in the Wizard Family of alliances and we require a strong war museum, council, and your dedication.
  • InvictusWizards is for Digital age+ players.
  • Be active daily.
  • We are looking for players who want to keep learning and progressing in war.
  • Must always use coalitions unless stated otherwise in our war plans.
  • Must have crafted a museum for war purposes.
  • Wars are mandatory and your war performance will be reflected in our lineup (low performance = fewer wars for that member).

Padawan Wizards
  • Padawan Wizards is a war-weight conscious alliance.
  • New Players: We want you to focus on Offence and Offence only. Do not build any unnecessary defenses (ask about the priority order of defensive buildings, what to upgrade, and what to completely leave).
  • This team-oriented approach is all about cooperation.
  • We can help you build from the ground up. We want you to have the best guidance and experience.
  • While short-term travellers are welcome, if your war-weight exceeds our need we can hook you up with our sister alliance - Rebel Wizards.

Rebel Wizards
  • For the time being we have a separate server for all Rebel discussions and alliance happenings.
  • Join the server and you will be briefed by one of our leaders.
  • https://discord.gg/u2FTnGgszg