Tutorial Adviser Bug


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Dec 31, 2014
Adviser bug: the first time i opened dominations. the advicesor, Pompus the wise didnt show up or anything, so i proceeded upgrading and stuff. i close the app and slept. the next day i played it again then Pompus the wise shows up and now i'm stuck.. i cant progress anymore.. I can't even select the menu to exit the app.. how can i reset it?
here is a screenshot shot of my problem, please compare the dialog and the village.. there's no more sticks to get started because i upgraded it.. my phone is samsung Galaxy SII by the way.
P.S I've cleared data and uninstall then installed, but the game didn't reset and I'm still stuck..


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Dec 9, 2014
To add to your bug report, Jamo, it appears as though your nation 'regressed' to its starting stage (sans the sticks) as you mentioned upgrading in your opening post... correct?

Unfortunately, I do not believe there is any way that you can reset this. Someone from publisher Nexon M, like Community Manager Aulia Apprelia, or developer Big Huge Games will need to assist you.


someone please help me with this bug i dont mind resetting my account..

Hey, there! Be sure to sign out of your Google Play account and try going to your device's settings and deleting the game data and clearing the cache. Then re-download the game app again. This may allow you to restart the game from the very beginning. Let me know if that helps!


didnt work.. i even removed my google accounts from my phone... thanks... got any more solutions?

You stated that you were gaming on a Smsung Galaxy S2, and interestingly enough, deleting game / app data isn't as user friendly as it should be due to the device's design. I hope this doesn't sound redundant, but please try the following:

- Force close the game app
- Clear cache
- Clear all game data
- Delete and uninstall the actual game app
- Turn your device completely off
- Re-download the game app

Let me know if this works or not...thanks!