The guild leader can preview the museum status of members.


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Jan 21, 2020
Currently, in the game, we can view the museum status of our opponents through research, but we can't see the museum status of our own guild members. I find this logic very strange.

I understand why it's not desirable for players to share their information with others, as it concerns privacy. However, since opponents can forcibly view a player's parameters, it indicates that the reasoning behind this is not from a privacy perspective but rather from a strategic research perspective.

For the above reasons, I hope the official team allows members at the rank of "Guild Leader" or above to have the interface permission to view the museum status of guild members. This way, managers can help new players review and provide better research direction advice.


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Apr 19, 2023
I suggest we should be allowed to see our own teammates' museum so we can find out who have glitched empty museum.
Currently we have to ask our opponents or send a spy account to opponent alliance.

Also would like to be able donate TC troops and SH TTs to ourselves.