Some more unique ideas and gameplay features


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Aug 6, 2021
World war army tab : here you get to see the troops you have for world war attacks, you can see their stats which are applicable for world wars only. You also have the ability to choose what generals you want for defence in world wars instead of just the top three highest ranking ones.

New Themed nations : arab, african and indian themed nations would be welcomed.

Visual and graphics upgrade : upgrade the existing content to better graphics, models and visuals. Drone age troops look good. But many previous troops need similar treatment. Heavy infantry carrying sniper rifles with range 2 doesn't make sense and also Boys AT rifle, maybe change these and give something more acceptable. And yes please, give us unique troop skins for all troops, including factory troops. Please, this is highly requested. I gave an idea for troop skins at higher levels in one of my previous threads, I called it the military culture system.

Roadmap for updates and plans for the game : to get us to be patient and be excited for upcoming things, please talk to us and let us in on your plans.

New Player friendly environment update : the game should focus on building its player base by letting new players reach an age where they can be impactful faster. That means reducing time taken for upgrades. I'd say to keep this up till global age. There should be cool things and interesting things to attract the attention of others, something like the abilities of generals and different skins and good graphics and fun features.

In-game encyclopedia : you can access this to view the look and stats of different upgrades of all the troops and buildings up until the point of your latest upgrade of the unit.


Mar 5, 2022
I so very, very much support that WW army tab idea or something similar. I have been lamenting the ability to see the war stats on my units and hate having to do math every time I have to gauge how well I would do against an opponent.

New nations would also be a lot of fun, but seems like it's beyond their current capabilities with what they have going on.

And I completely agree with the devs being more open about what's going on. The gap between devs and players just seems to keep getting larger and larger, which alienates the player base.


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May 17, 2018
we need more info and stats for our WW troops and buildings
this is an open issue for like years