Some ideas to balance unused troops


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Aug 30, 2021
I have seen some interesting ideas to make some troops more popular and I would like give my thoughts. This list is based on my experience and what I have seen in game:

- Ranged infantry:
They are too weak and not useful since industrial age (except for British). I would increase their damage, and maybe HP, but remove the ability to shoot over walls since gunpowder age, when they become arquebusier.
This change would make them more deadly but without seeing bullets going through the walls.

- Machine guns:
The same, just remove their ability to shoot over the walls, it's weird.

- Mortar infantry:
This troop should be one of the few capable of shooting over walls to get a niche.
It needs much more damage and less troop space (4-5 maybe).

- Ranged siege:
I would increase its range (7 or 8) to become a true artillery, capable of taking down enemy towers except defending mortars. I would introduce this change starting in industrial or global age but not before.

- MRL:
The same, increase its range to 7 or 8.

- Heavy cavalry / light tanks:
This troop needs more damage, they are not so useful against the same level of walls.

- Armored car:
I don't understand why these cars are so deadly against tanks, it's non sense. I would reduce their damage against tanks, heavy tanks and generals.

- APC:
It's too fragile and enemy troops usually target the APC instead of spawned infantry. I would increase it's HP 3 or 4 times, no joke.

I know there are many changes but I rarely see any of these troops and it's a pity.
What do you think?