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Daimyo Nakamura

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Apr 6, 2015
Hello everyone,

For those who just started the game and wish to join an Alliance. You are very welcome to join "NakaSam Empire".

Me and Sam are just two friends who wants to have fun in this game however we actually realise that the more allies we have the more fun it gets.
If you would like to join then you are very welcome to do so.
We currently have 2 members including me. We are active and we are willing to donate troops when we see any request and support each other.

Current information of the current members in NakaSam Empire.

Daimyo Nakamura (leader): Japan - Gunpowder Age
SamsamSam (council): China - Medieval Age

The Instructions are

1. Open your Alliance Gate
2. Tap on Search
3. Un-tick the clean language
4. Search for NakaSam Empire
5. And Join

Little reminder that of course you can curse in our Alliance for joking purposes and etc :p
But be respectful to fellow allies and friends.

I will promote you. If YOU have obviously shown dedication and commitment in the Empire
[FONT=comic sans ms, cursive]Things to do if you wants promotion
1. Communicate in game
2. Be respectful
[/FONT]Trying your best get involve in the game and alliance
[FONT=comic sans ms, cursive]4. Stayed long enough for me to think you are willing to stay hehe... (depending on numbers of Allies)
5. Just Generally a good friendly player and as a person

Your Rank and Age of your civilisation won't affect your promotion :) Nice eh?

PS: Don't be intimate or hesitate when you see our Alliance Motto and Description :D

Have fun Dominating everyone
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