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Apr 26, 2021
Personal opinions on Quality of Life for the game and players.

With each passing year DomiNations is evolving, advancing and implementing more and more features.

The time that in the past was dedicated almost 100% in MP and WW battles, today is divided between collecting resources and completing missions that don't always consist of just battling.

- The amount of free rewards obtained by watching videos has grown too much;
- Collecting Council and inventory cards takes time;
- Training troops, being forced to do expeditions in the shipyard, training troops and war tactics that are not used among other things to complete events takes a huge amount of time;
- The search for artifacts in the museum as well as the sale of the same artifacts is extremely exhausting and time-consuming;
- Getting NTGs to form Coalitions in wars has been a very exhausting and frustrating task.

Each of these game things often do not promote any pleasure in playing. They are just obstacles.
Other things could be better worked on to take less time from players. Resources like food, gold and oil should have some possibility of exchange when stocks are full, but you are still obliged to play to get NTG, fulfill missions and so on.

I see countless ways to address all of this to make the game more engaging and less tiring.

- Over the years more videos in exchange for rewards have been implemented, but little is regulated. It's insane that you have at least 12 videos a day with no time regulation. Each video should not exceed 15 seconds, no cheating of watching 2 ads in 1 to get a reward, or having to watch the video for X time, then another 5 seconds to start a new countdown and then another 5 seconds to get the reward.
It is terrible that many times, in order to obtain some desired reward, you are forced to watch a sequence of videos with often uninteresting rewards.
I understand that videos are a good source of revenue for BHG, but you guys are saturating your player base, especially without ad timing control.

- The animations for getting cards in the Council are short and fast, but when you have to repeat this operation 4, 5, 6 times a day, it becomes slow and boring. Same for mergers.
Somehow the animations should be shorter and the opening of adviser cards easier. It's a cry when you realize cards accumulated in your inventory and you need to open one by one to get again a common level adviser that you've already collected more than 1 million times.
Even the opening of single 11 co packs is slow, or the merging of countless advisers. Please help us with this.

- Just like the Council, searching for artifacts in the museum is ridiculously slow. Packs of 5 artifacts are better than packs of 1 not just because of the cost, but because of the amount of clicks and unnecessary animations. Please, this is an old community request and over time it becomes more and more necessary.

- The search for NTG is horrible. In the past, there was a lack of bases to attack with the desired NTG, today there is no shortage of bases, but getting the desired NTG has become a lottery. It is routine for me to always have 7 types of NTG at the limit of my market while I have 1 or 2 of the NTG that I am unsuccessfully seeking in game hours, with stocks full of resources with nowhere to spend. It's exhausting, it's frustrating and it's revolting.
The changes that can be made in Marco Polo are horrible.
Swapping NTG for NTG doesn't help, since you may need in a single war 18 NTGs of that type that are impossible to get in battles. Why not trade NTG for surplus resources from mills, markets and oil refineries? We are in the drone era looking for resources in a way that harks back to the medieval era.

Are we going to improve this there?

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
also want a colony feature in the game

a world market... many have been gunning for that

the dock be made to a port city with fisheries/fish farms, merchant ships (farm/caravans on sea). naval would take time to implement but a seaward economy would be nice for me.

but this is the same company that will implement temporary artifacts despite protests


May 30, 2022
Many regular Mercinaries troops like gurkha, peacekeeper does not have proper damage and hp as the barracks troop which both higher.

They did not have changed the nation old feature and added new ones.

Yup, too much advertiesment.

They should invest more in the game on fixing bugs and features first.

King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
I find long, slow animations like when opening chests very annoying.
I like to buy the troop chest, but then i have to tap like 100 times to open it because the troops appear so slowly and only then the next input is accepted. So it's really no fun to open these chests. Why not show all content in a (short) animation?

It would also be great to be able to open accumulated chests (and 'free recruitment Councilors') with a single tap. Then the rewards could simply be listed one after the other or added together. Similar to the 10 councilor pack (they rotate at the same time).
In addition, I would love to be able to open shipments (NTG, tradegoods, oil) directly from the inventory. Without going to the map and additional tapping for placement, select and open. Make several buttons, e.g. 'open 1', 'open 5' and 'open 10'.


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Jan 21, 2020
I hope this article can have more players support
in order for the GM to see this message

I agree with your comment
Advertising is a source of revenue for the game
But ads should not be allowed to seriously affect the player experience
I know there is no way to control the number of seconds of ads
But I think the number of ads is too much
and the ads are taking too long now
There is a need to reduce the number of ads
More often than not, I'm willing to give up ads
Not to mention the number of players who have left
This mode will make the players who are still playing the game have a bad experience

I am an Asian player
I've been playing the game since the beginning
I also created a Facebook group for Chinese speakers
I can understand the feelings of many players

This game really spends too much meaningless time
I agree that games are about spending time
and to get a good experience
But it shouldn't be a meaningless experience to spend time
This is the reason why many players leave

The time spent on artifacts is horrible
I wish there was a more efficient way to draw prizes
Many people have given up on lotteries because of this
But this prevents players from improving their abilities
This makes it impossible for players to beat their opponents
This vicious cycle causes more players to quit the game

NTG is also very time consuming
Because I am very serious about finding opponents
I play more than 10 games a day, but I can't fill up the NTG I need
This is not my negligence, but the poor design of the game

There are too many things above that should not take time
The game is getting more and more people complain and give up
We are willing to spend time, but hopefully on the fun things
I hope the official can face this problem


Nov 27, 2022
I will, however, commend BHG for not inundating us with ads like some other games. It's not like every time we come back from battle we are forced to watch an ad just to get back to our base. This has been a major reason why I stayed in this game for so long. If several times a day I can watch a few ads at my own discretion to get some free rewards, I'll gladly do it. A big thank you to BHG for this amazing system.


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Apr 26, 2021
Vou, no entanto, elogiar a BHG por não nos inundar com anúncios como alguns outros jogos. Não é como se toda vez que voltamos da batalha somos forçados a assistir a um anúncio apenas para voltar à nossa base. Esta tem sido uma das principais razões pelas quais eu permaneci neste jogo por tanto tempo. Se várias vezes ao dia eu puder assistir a alguns anúncios a meu critério para obter algumas recompensas gratuitas, farei isso com prazer. Um grande obrigado à BHG por este sistema incrível.
I absolutely agree with you. The complaint is not about the amount of free rewards offered for watching the ad videos, which very well mentioned by you are optional.
Some rewards are truly amazing, though not all are. This is understandable.
The point of the matter is that many times, when choosing to get a reward, you don't know how long it will take, as each ad has a different time and some are absolutely long. Some don't give you the option to close the ad if you don't want to see it.
I'm not criticizing that they have ads and I'm grateful I'm not forced to watch them. What I'm doing is suggesting greater control over the timing of ads and the possibility of closing them if you don't want to see them.
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