QoL museum update


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Mar 13, 2022
A minor update to the museum to build pre-set exhibitions that you can quickly change between.
Start off with two slots for each hall and spend benefactors and crowns to unlock a third. A fourth and fifth may come with a certain vip level.
An additional improvement would show you how your museum benefits would change when you click a new artefact in your exhibition selection.
The menu may look somewhat like this but it would be up to BHG to develop how they would want the feature to look and function.
Museum smallfile.jpg

From left to right in each row...
Button to select your Exhibition.
The preset name (in this example they are custom with a character limit)
The information (click to quickly see this exhibition's stats)
Button to set up or change your loadout (Will have a red ! to indicate empty exhibit slots).

The benefits?..
Optimise your war offenssive to your current army within moments.
Switch out your resource refund and looting bonus artefacts with one or two clicks.
Instantly bring out your discount artefacts when you are ready to do some upgrades.

My thoughts...
The fourth and fifth slots are somewhat unneeded by most early-mid-late game players but if you are endgame and at the skill ceiling then you may set up your army to optimise your war attacks to each base you fight. Optimising your main hall for what you came online to do is also now a simple task. This Quality of Life feature would save a few moments of time and make it easier to remember what artefacts you use in different scenarios.