New buildings and much more


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Oct 3, 2018
​Hi, my name is Eness, ive some suggestions for the game:
It would be nice if we could save the gold from the victory chest, the boat and rescourses that are too much in our inventory
-mayby even doing a monthly challenge/tournament where multiple players from the same group attacks multiple cities from on other group, and recieve together rss depending how far u get, instant of attacking one player like in world war => or even: having 1 huge plain where u can place all the buildings from all players in 1 group, all attacking troops from the other group can attack that one combined huge plain, depending how much they can destroy they will recieve rewards..
-doing something with boats troops: deploying armies, mercenaries...
trading with allies: can be troops, rescourses...
- new kind of tactics: for example a tactic that make attacking troops attack faster, that specific troops cant be attacked but the others can be for a duration
- like in the game of rome total war: diggers who dig under the walls to get somewhere
- more traps kinds: makes it difficultier to get into the city
- defending troops run faster on the roads
- defending troops on the walls
- a defending building that defend with fire
- new attacking troop: sniper, special aircraft on the water that send flight and or helicopters -> the aircraft can be a general too sending just like hanibal troops​​​​​​
​- in the armory u can build a troop directly to a new kind of troop: mayby find a new kind of building where u can upgrade specific new wapons for specific troops, for example multiple wapons for the same troop so the players will have to choice,
- research other kind of rescources like uranium for specific flight,
- more challenges (like the one that says have 2200 medals), u can have a thousands of then...
- u can build specific building for boats to attack, to defend and on the coast some bunkers, u can also add minigunsbunkers or grenade defendingtroops
u have a university, mayby add a undergraduationschool :) for the citizen, if they research tehre for example they will work faster (for always or for a limited period)
- be able to send a general with a boat without a citizen to get rewarded
- besides helicopers, add drones?
- add a blessing that gives more defending troops coming from the blessing
- mayby a specific building u can add on almost any building, kind of upgrade of defence building but upgrading in high (to the sky),
- flights that defend too, and or also helicopters
- u can add mechanics as defence that make live defending buildings longer
- i said before upgrade specific wapons for specific troops, u can do that with everything: buying and or upgrading specific armor for example for tanks: specific armor to protect against fire or against bullets (but u cant have both) -> just like they have to choose the nation, but here u can switch from wapon to wapon when u want
- u can add seasons in the game: when its winter u need to upgrade troops to be able to walk in snow -> upgrade specificaly the tires,
- u can also add specific gates that close automaticly when there are for example 10 troops inside the walls, and the defending troops will attack those as first (ofcourse the attacking troops can enter freely through those gates till for example 10 troops enters then it get closed) = kind of trap
- u can add a vehicle with bombs that colaps against a wall or troops, those troops dies too = kind of tricky)
- u can also add very expensive troops that do something special which develops a mini tsunami, cuz of that watertroops can get easier into the city -> kind of navy seals troops​​​​​​You can even invite a new building: the hospital: if the defending troops are nearby they get healed


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Jul 30, 2015
try to revert step by step:
1- the actual game challenge is the WW. Nexon has to fix some big issues before adding another engine for WW.
2. Nexon wants you to spend resouces and crowns, they are not charity.
3. Doing something with boats seems to me too more specific. In any case Water is not included into the battle field so go back to point 1
4. trading troops is available...resources it would be great, but again you will not spend crowns so no way
5. Tactics: the one that speeds up is already present, build the colosseum..will not even consider the rest
6. there are wall spanners
7. more traps: develop university and library, you will get some more traps

gone too far

generally speaking your points are all good, but in my opinon most of them are unreasonable and too structural for the game, I think you'd better change the game or ask nexon to release DOMINATIONS II


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May 17, 2018
you are talking mate about a nwhole new rebalance that would take another 4 stages to implement. Result: massive outcry for the even more unbalanced defence over offence

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May 1, 2017
I would love a weekly/monthly challenge too!
But for me it's more like virtual/temporary bases, game designed (as in Campaign) with maxed defense for each age, and we can compete to win prizes 😃
So players who destroy the most base, the shortest total time and finish all would win a big prize! Crowns, perhaps?