Mercenary update and other suggestion

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
1. The barrack troops got an update to make them stronger and compared to the mercenaries (aside from the tank destroyers)and they need an upgrade alongside them.

Some more dps and hp and the .5 range boost for ranged infantry, the tank mercenaries etc. Namely the heavy infantry mercs. The Gurkha (industrial age merc) doesn’t get the new multiplier for buildings and walls and still has the pre rebalance stats, the jagdepanzers too and etc.

Also the should the freedom fighters get to be mini assault vehicles like barrack heavy infantry or stick to the commando role they got?

2. Why don’t donated alliance troops survive after all defence buildings destroyed like your other troops in offence?! If they can do that with defensive troops why cant they survive on Offense.

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Mar 5, 2022
Just had the same thought and someone had before me! Noticed it when I was just in the Merc Camp looking to switch from Tank Destroyers to Irish Peacekeepers.

The Heavy Infantry and Ranged Infantry need the range and speed modifiers from their barracks counterparts added to them at the very least. An HP/DPS boost would also be nice to bring them more in line with what they were pre-barracks update. And while that boost would be nice, it's really the .5 range boost that's needed.

Changing the range values and walking speed would be what, an hour's work, plus time to verify values? This would be nice intermediate measure to changing HP/DPS values and playtesting the mercs in question, while making them more usable.
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