Join DomiNations Prime for the Latest Community War: Crime Wars!!!!!


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Jul 13, 2015

Crime Wars!

Our first installation of Crime Wars is finally here!

For this we are taking it back to our roots and planning a
30v30 Mass War Search!

Why are we doing this?
• 30v war searches take upwards of 8-12 hours at times. This will synchronize dozens of alliance's search times.
• For fun (duh).

Who's invited?
• Everyone who can spin a 30v war search!

When do we start spinning?
• Friday, May 15th at 1200 UTC
• 8:00 AM US-Eastern
• 10:00 PM Sydney, Australia

Tentative tiered war search schedule based off peak weight (quantity of digitals in search):
• 1200 UTC: 21+ Digitals
• 1205 UTC: 17-20 Digitals
• 1210 UTC: 13-16 Digitals
• 1215 UTC: 9-12 Digitals
• 1220 UTC: 5-8 Digitals
• 1225 UTC: 1-4 Digitals
• 1230 UTC: 0 Digitals

Other Stipulations?
• None, really... although...
• ESH preferred and encouraged, although we will not enforce this.

You'll get your own fancy 30v30 tag and access to a super special room to discuss with other alliances leading up to the 30v30 mass search. This will allow you to get acquainted and build relations.

So join the server, tag a @Mod and let them know you're on DNP for the fun.



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Jul 13, 2015
The Crime Wars are coming up soon!

Thirty-two groups have assembled so far; DO NOT MISS OUT on this phenomenal opportunity to test fate! No team? No problem! Sign up as a lone Mercenary and lend your bloodthirsty skills to another team.

Sign up NOW and don’t risk war lock (no new war spins past 1200 UTC on May 13)!

Join DomiNations Prime and tag an @Mod now to gain access to the Crime War rooms and join in on the rush!