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Aug 17, 2019
New to Dominations? Eager to grow from Iron Age? Join an Alliance to get the support to level up faster. Through war with a winning alliance, you will obtain resources at a faster pace and grow much faster.

ArcXus, a warring alliance, is actively looking to recruit members. If you are active, constantly taking part in WAR, Keep DONATION ratio +ve, enjoy teamwork and communication. Join ArcXus, enjoy the game and see you around!

You can be assured you will be well supported in terms of Troops whether for War or Multiplayer, expect the fastest finger first donation speed. You are expected to reciprocate likewise. We support and help each other to grow as an alliance.

Council members are always around to help you to improve your base and offering advise on attacking and defending strategy. Town/War base challenges are often issued to test out Town/War bases and learn our strengths and weakness and our attack/defense strategy, thereby improving our bases and leveling up faster.

ArcXus is at Perk 21, all donated or received troops are auto upgraded to Cold War Age. We are currently reaching lvl 22, join our alliance and war with us, level up with us to Perk 25 and enjoy donated or received troops at Space Age!

We welcome all ages even you are in the dawn age, stay with us, grow with us at enormous speed. Iron age players are welcome to join in wars often, to level up faster, through war you get more resources.

Don’t hesitate, join ArcXus today, enjoy the game