How to Join an Alliance!

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Apr 21, 2015
Greetings Leaders!

If you haven't yet, we recommend you join an Alliance today to experience all that DomiNations has to offer! When you join an Alliance you can participate in World Wars and receive Troops from Alliance members. Your reign of power will only be fortified with the consistent support and loyalty of your fellow Alliance members. Alliance members can chat and send each other reinforcement troops as needed.

Once you reach Iron Age, you can repair your Alliance Gate (requires 30,000 Food). After this is complete you can join an Alliance and go to war!

Here’s how to join an Alliance:

1. Tap the repaired Alliance Gate


2. Click the icon "Alliance" -- It will prompt you to a "Join Alliance" page with a roster of alliances


3. Click an Alliance name that piques your interest and still has a vacancy (meaning less than 50 allies).

4. At the bottom of the Alliance page, you will find a green button that says "Join"


5. Once you have successfully joined an alliance, you will see that the green "Join" button has now turned into a "Leave" button. You can click the "Leave" button if you do not want to be part of the Alliance anymore and join another one.

*NOTE: Even if an alliance appears to be open, you may not see a "Join" button if the alliance only accepts players with over a set amount of "Minimum Medals" and you do not qualify the requirements


After joining an Alliance, you can click the "Chat" button when you return to your base and talk to your fellow alliance members.


It’s from this chat window that you can request Troops for additional support when Attacking bases, or participating in World Wars. Even your stronger allies can send Troops of a higher level than yours to aid you!


While we are on the topic of "Alliances," here are a few more tips on getting the most out your Alliance Gate!
  • From the Alliance Menu you can search for specific Alliances.
    • You can filter your searches with the “Clean Language Only” Option, or even search by Minimum Medals and/or Minimum Glory.


  • Can't find the right alliance for you? Try creating an Alliance of your very own!
    • When doing so you can create your own Alliance Crest, Name, Motto, a Description that highlights the types of players you’re looking for or what people can expect when joining your Alliance. You can even set a minimum Medal Requirement, and set the ability to join to either open or invite only!

If the Alliance Type is set to 'Invite-Only', other players can request to join your Alliance. However, if the Alliance Type is set to 'Closed', other players can't request to join your Alliance. You can either accept or decline the requests via the alliance chat box.

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