Helis Nerfed due to major error


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Feb 29, 2020

I was asked by an alliance member to look into this because something didn’t seem right. Based on some tests it seems library research: Rotorcraft is broken. Please view the video provided.

As a side note this is one of many reasons I have stopped playing and let someone else use my account for the time being. Too many broken mechanics, no accurate way to check stats in detail, and it’s just one issue after another. I’m confident in assuming there are many other books in the library not working anymore but I don’t get paid to do the job that your developers are responsible for 🤷🏻‍♂️



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Apr 11, 2016
@Harlems369th all the new halls don't work only the original library hall works this is why defense is having issues and offense on troops when it was realized paratroopers book didn't work it was fixed the rest were not checked please properly inspect all halls and all books in the library