Guardians [English] - [Recruiting]


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Apr 5, 2015

A buddy of mine and myself created a Alliance recently and looking for alliance members to join us.
Because we are small at the moment, we are active and we help one another with troops.

The rules

-> No offense to other members of the alliance. (Clean language only is OFF).
-> You have to be active. (We understand this game has times on building stuff however, we require you to be on a couple times a day).
-> If people ask for help and you know you are free, please assist them with whatever they may need.

About us

The two leaders are as follows:
Lord Tom (Me)
Sir Roo (My buddy)

-> Recruitment to the council of the alliance will require you to reach a specific amount of troops donated and time you've been in the alliance.

To find out alliance search "Guardians".
Make sure that "Clean chat only" is unticked.
Find the correct Alliance with "Lord Tom" as leader.

> I am creating a topic soon with all type of strategy and tips that will help you create a solid, strong village. This will be done within the week. <