Dragons Blood


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Sep 1, 2022
Dragons Blood

We are looking for new players to help us out in our alliance. We are a good group and trying to learn from each other with new strategies and advice from experience players. We seek players in the digital age and up. We are accepting travelers too.

· We are drama free. We all try to help each other out with donations request each day.
· We do B2B wars. We typically do 20v20 wars, but would like to move up to 30v30 wars in the future with the help of new players.
· Our Parliament is nearly complete 99%
· We are at alliance perk 22.
· We are actively chatting in game and on discord.
· Discord is great to be on for us, but not required.
· We are working hard to move up the ranks.
· We just ask that you be active. No need to be pay 2 win.
· Communication is key in our alliance.

If you’re a war person or just a laid-back person and want to chat with friends. We are a great alliance for that. War is not required for people to join us. We are happy and willing to help each new person to get ready for war in the future too. We are always here to help. We give promotions in the alliance with people that deserve it. We hope you give us a shot. English preferred, if English is your secondary language. No worries as long as you can communicate with us in some degree for war attacks. We are a diversified group of people in different time zones. We hope, you give us a chance!


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