Dominations - Naval Warfare - Schematic, sorry for broken English


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Feb 5, 2024
Docks should have 2 buttons, one for training warships, and the other for raiding other naval docks. Players can upgrade their warships in a new building similar to the Armory and call it a Shipyard To be built in Town and Put the Ship Research in the Shipyard as well (Similar to Library and University).

Now as for the War section, add an option for guilds for when beginning a new war, choose from either land or Sea. and then the war schematic will be similar to each other. Select combatants, nation map should be the same and go war raiding. :)

For the Sea-side you would be making your own Naval War bases. No walls but you will have Sea Defenses, Warship defenders, and traps.

Now the naval warfare will be a stripped-down version of town/war bases, Naval Warfare. ex. to build oil rigs, and fishing boats for collecting gold/food. a Command centre, sea towers, and sea traps... Battle gameplay windows are to be the same as you drop and select your troops for raiding on land but now for sea.

A blueprint for this gameplay exists in Rise of Nations Same makers for Dominations, which ofc is now Nexon, but that doesn't mean they can't borrow the ideas from it
that is why it's doable

Adding this, i swear will make other strategy games on the mobile market be unappealing because dominations can then say. Battle from Land, Air & Sea!

Can we pls make this happen <3


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Jan 5, 2024
I like your ideas. May i also suggest this could be an opportunity for a clan map for farming/warring.