do factory troops need a boost

Dhruv patel

Approved user
Aug 27, 2017
seeing the manudactory out... the munitions make the barrack troops stronger than the factory troops and they need some buffs to make them more viable.

machine gun: its outclassed by the rifleman (the muntion give riflemen +1 range making the british ones mini cannons). they need a boost in stats, +1.5 range (same as riflemen) and lower the space to 2.

bazooka: reduce space by 1, keep the .5 range boost.

heavy tank: you splash damage but perhaps reduce space to 20, give it a machine gun to deal with defenders.

mrl: lower space, the missles have a supress effect on buildings and troops caught in the attack. maybe more damage and durability under the effects of rally (cause the most up to date one looks just like HIMARS)

what others do you have in mind