Couple of ideas


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Jun 24, 2015
Some ideas:

1: Lock down button

Add a button to the main screen which allows to lock placement of buildings. It gets annoying clicking things and then accidentally moving them around. Just add a little button like the mail or shop button that locks and unlocks placement of buildings

2: Buff Greek Nations

Right now, half of the greek bonus stops being really useful after the third age. My suggestion is to rework it. Instead of allowing 15m buildings to be completed for free, allow ANY action that takes under 5 minutes to complete be completed for free excluding troop training. This would include hunting (after the beast has been killed, so no 1 minute wait time on bears for example) and gathering.
Another idea to really make greeks competitive as the economic powerhouse is perhaps a 5% buff could be added to farms, caravans and roads. Even allowing hunting and gathering to be completed instantly doesn't really translate into a real bonus since gather times are small compared to how long those resources take to respawn.

3: One time nation reset for a fee

Possibly controversial. I don't think one should be allowed to endlessly change their nation, however it sucks picking a poorly balanced nation out of ignorance to the game and the genre as a whole. Its new player hostile. I think allowing one nation change per account for say 500 crowns would be fair.


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Jun 22, 2015
I really like your number 1 and number 3 suggestions! Being able to change nations only one time in the game would be nice for those who think they picked poorly or those who got bored with their current one. First time I have seen changing nations brought up and I think its a good idea. (This game seems really realistic though and by adding a change nation option kinda makes it unrealistic.) But good idea!