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Council of 13 looking for active players

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Apr 23, 2023
We're an active alliance with members who have been together for many years. We war often and are up to level 16 in perks. We're accepting all levels of players, beginner or experienced. We have a Discord server to discuss strategies, offer assistance, or just talk about random stuff. It's recommended to join our Discord chat because it's far superior to the in-game chat but it's not mandatory.

All we ask is that people respect one another, be willing to learn from each other, be active, donate, and most importantly, have fun.

This is a really good group of people who are active and support one another. Come join Council of 13!
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Feb 24, 2023
Hey I’m a Co-Leader of BioRed. We are also an alliance of long time players. Feel free to send someone over to check us out if your interested 😁


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