Canadian Might! is recruiting - LVL 20 perks and B2B war

True North

New member
Aug 15, 2021
With active players from coast to coast and around the world, we are among the most experienced and established Canadian alliances, with a solid core of members and a history of activity and growth. Ranked 1500 and rising, consistently #1 in seasonal leaderboards! Level 20 perks, growing Parliament with war research at 100%. Active in back-to-back wars, and we donate a lot. Looking for a couple more Drone/Info anchors for war and some strong attackers, room for players in all ages. We are looking for people who are social, who enjoy the game, and are civil and mature. No hackers, no cheaters, clean language. Visit the alliance gate, look us up. Donate, communicate, cooperate - DOMINATE!


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