A request to update visuals and skins of the game and some other important ideas


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Aug 6, 2021
Hello there, I'll get straight to the points.

1) Skins and Visuals :

I think I talked about this in one of my previous posts. But there needs to be a diversity in troop visuals and skins except for just heavy and ranged infantry skins even after industrial age. This is just a cosmetic update request. It isn't something super serious but it is something fun to see. They can go for three different skin categories in their traditional Mediterranian, Northern Europe and Oriental skins. This troop skin update should exist for both barracks troops, airstrip and Factory troops, for ex:- MBTs, Howitzers, wall sapper, machine gunner, Heavy tank, fighter, bomber, bazooka. They can do something fun like creating a feature at the start of the atomic age where players of all nations are asked to choose a culture type of two options, eastern or western. Based on that they get either soviet/russian style troop skins or US/NATO style troop skins. I just hope the developers care to do something about this in a good and interesting manner.

I also want to note that, after industrial age, except for houses, Town centre and temples. Every building looks the same. If they could be a little rich in the designs of buildings then that would be fun to see. But I understand that the problem of recognizing buildings if that happens. Still this one is just an idea.

2) Other important ideas :

I am quite pleased that the barracks troops were buffed. Now both Barracks and factory troops are good. It now comes down to the individual uniqueness and playstyle. But helicopters became overpowered as well as Howitzers. I wouldn't ask to nerf howitzers but helicopters could probably use some health nerf. I think an unique defence update that isn't solely just increasing or decreasing number is required. The museum ruined the game honestly. Some might find it fun but I think it ruins a lot of things, especially the balance. Which makes requesting for a balance update even harder.

On to my next point. I think the time needed to upgrade everything is awful. Its one of the most unattractive parts about this game. Even long term players dislike it. Many can say this game requires patience, etcetra etcetra. But there are many individual aspects to this game, each one has excessively high upgrade time the longer you go up, for example Library, armory, university (god this is painful), Parliament, building upgrades. These are a lot of things. Getting speed ups doesn't solve the problem really, not everyone can use a lot of money/crowns to get them done quickly. I suggest lowering the time taken for upgrades in all things by a likable amount up till global age. Doing this also helps new comers catch up to the lot more content in the upper ages and be helpful in world wars. I suggest reaching, upgrading things and attacking bases up to enlightment age be easier so that the new comers don't feel like it isn't too hard. Many quit early on. That way you can increase your player base. You need to selfless and care about what could be interesting for everyone. You can't always keep on satisfying a small audience that pays you well. Well thats it