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  • (Paragraph division may not be enabled for droids). Hello there. I saw your alliance recruitment thread. Very nice. I browsed your alliance and poked around at some of your members. I didn't see any beginner builds (such as one-sided builds or goody-boxes) and was surprised at how many of your players donate and request donations. It seems like your alliance is very active. I'm interested. I am an advanced medievil age nation who is active several hours a day. I have been keeping a low medal count for now, around 550 but if you require 1,000 or more, I would be willing to ablige. What I want to know is, what is your tolerance for beginner builds, attack starts and so on? I really want to play with a group that doesn't just know what its doing but will also be open to growing and learning. Not promoting myself as a teacher. That's just the kind of attitude I would prefer. Thanks for your time.
    This is Dad. Would like to join back up. Medal count is set to 700 so I am not able to join. Can you drop it to !et me back in or if there is an invite option, invite me back? Thanks. It is hard to find a good alliance.
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