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  1. oddin

    castle white circle radius

    The white circle representing the castle radius should reflect the latest change. It still shows the old radius and is not helpful thanks!
  2. oddin

    October Legendary Calendar

    yes Maori is definitely better. I agree with the other guys that this artifact should be offered
  3. oddin

    October Legendary Calendar

    thanks for offering Glove! I am among those that are after it
  4. oddin

    DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence

    This was supposed to be active today but it hasn't. Can you pls check ? @Harlems369th
  5. oddin

    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    exactly... I am visiting a lower glory alliance atm and I watch most replays. They are dreadful. I don't know where to begin so I say nothing...
  6. oddin

    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    it is royalty... So far, only offensive committees use Royalty but I have the belief that new committees will be made. Also, the new age might bring an 8th slot. And last of all, we can use this councillor in the place of a Samurai or Admiral under Churchill committee (losing the Sniper towers...
  7. oddin

    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    I don't know how much glory your alliance has or if you are playing competitively but I do remember clearly that Defenders almost FOREVER had to endure the constant five starring of their bases regardless of the metagame and the age they were in. All work they put into their base was nullified...
  8. oddin

    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    WOW!! This was a suggestion from my alliance and I thought that it would be difficult to implement but I am very very glad you made it! THANKS! This councillor is #1 priority for all defenders now... Problem is that we have too few spots for councillors and it starts toget really hard to choose...
  9. oddin

    Season 5 Preview - Week Ahead 9/18

    Drone age is incomplete in so many things... Let's not analyze that here+now I am a defender and a striker. This means I have a more all around experience from the game and I can understand both worlds... Offence and Defence! So, when I see a base with Zook sentry or tower, I instantly fear to...
  10. oddin

    Update to Optimized Video Rewards

    I am only talking about WW. Who uses TTs in multiplayer anyway?
  11. oddin

    September Legendary Token Calendar

    can we get Gemini 8 Gloves pls for next month? thx
  12. oddin

    Season 5 Preview - Week Ahead 9/18

    Special buildings that are already OP and we all know it, shouldn't become the target of extra buff cause this creates a huge imbalance. I thought that BHG wanted to find the sweet spot between O and D just my 2 cents
  13. oddin

    Update to Optimized Video Rewards

    yes I can't disagree with that statement but getting one really usable TT is more important, for the F2P guys out there, than getting 15 not usable TTs.
  14. oddin

    DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence

    @nobodyknowsthetrouble I agree 100% with you. The new QoL for parliament is totally nuts! It is much worse than before . I dont understand why we are not getting a FULL LIST of every donation for every member per day
  15. oddin

    Automated age and dock rework.

    the biggest thing is the fact that Dock becomes worse every new level. This certainly needs reworking. I dont know how they dont see it when they initially make these things. Anyway, with good intention and open mind, everything can be fixed
  16. oddin

    Set permissions

    I would like the possibility to reward players (for their exceptional support or battles) and offer them resources, things from my inventory...
  17. oddin

    Update to World War Glory Matchmaking

    our current match is a total mismatch for the opponent. I dont even know how we got these poor fellows... opponent is ranked 189. Us 26
  18. oddin

    What to do now??

    too vague... go for a swim
  19. oddin

    The Art of War

    join an alliance and say hi before asking for anything. That's a nice start
  20. oddin

    Help with Atomic age troop combo

    many videos will follow and the opponents are significantly harder . But when I want to explain something, I believe it is better to start from the easy part, then start leveling up the difficulty.