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  1. LordStark263AC

    Leader "Interviews"

    It's called nostalgia. 🤌
  2. LordStark263AC

    Leader "Interviews"

    Bump Bump Bump
  3. LordStark263AC

    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    Time to resurrect this thread. I'm level 405 Drone Age currently
  4. LordStark263AC

    Uneven distribution to restore troops in barracks

    It's been like this since day one. I'm not expecting any changes to happen regarding this issue anytime soon
  5. LordStark263AC

    Sejong re-visited

    Sejong isn't important as DaVinci is imo.
  6. LordStark263AC

    Researches & updates duration must not exceed 1 day

    No. This game is a marathon not a sprint.
  7. LordStark263AC

    Share with Alliance

    No. People would take the piss. They always do
  8. LordStark263AC

    Arabic & Islamic civilization & Figures

    "Israel" you've gotta be trolling 🙄😂😂 Like, literally nobody is clamouring for Israel to be in the game. Matter of fact it makes more sense to have Turks in the game...
  9. LordStark263AC

    Entire team should be able to help speed up requests

    No. You want a building to be upgraded in less than a day huh? Would be cool but that's not happening.
  10. LordStark263AC

    Add Atatürk pls

    Too much to read. I stopped at 1881.
  11. LordStark263AC

    Ok, let

    Sticking to method of elimination, it HAS to be Storehouse. I mean what other non-defensive buildings are there that could be upgraded instantly?
  12. LordStark263AC

    When will the age of robotics appear in the game?

    Hopefully not until 2026
  13. LordStark263AC

    Main Hall loadout bug

    Same on Android
  14. LordStark263AC

    Is it time for auto age players to have a second oil refinery?

    @Der BabyHund I disagree. After they bumped up the Oil and resources bonus even with my Industrial account getting resources and Oil became so much easier, I'm full with Oil across all of my accounts.
  15. LordStark263AC

    Make it possible for the museum to automatically sell mysterious Fragments to Blueprints

    There are apps for that kinda thing, although they're illegal 🤌😂
  16. LordStark263AC

    Is it time for auto age players to have a second oil refinery?

    Don't think so. We already have Looted Resources Refund, at all times I have 150K+ minimum Oil sitting in my defence log which is basically another Oil Refinery with some gold and food added on top of that.