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  1. dp1310

    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    With this feature we are getting Materials which are not a multiple of 10, so can we produce single material unit instead of 10 units going forward? Let's say I got 4 Plastics from loot, then I need only 6 for next upgrade. In that case I need only 2.5x6=15 min to get total 10 Plastics instead...
  2. dp1310

    DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

    What about Library extra chapters completion report? It really looks odd to see such number 456/320
  3. dp1310

    QOL suggestion - claim all button

    For Chests also pls add a "Claim All" button
  4. dp1310

    Goodbye 8th Year - Week Ahead 3/25

    How to claim last 5 rewards in Special Event: Goodbye 8th Year?
  5. dp1310

    Museum artifact guidance

    Factory & Bunker spawn HT also, those damage bonus should be applied to them also right?
  6. dp1310

    Museum artifact guidance

    I have a WAR hall artifact which has HT damage bonus of 10% and Bazooka damage bonus of 12%, so is it applied to offense & defense both? Another query regarding max debuff: lets say I have AEDTH 130% and defender has ADTH 30%, then effective debuff will be only 85% but if I have AEDTH 100% and...
  7. dp1310

    DomiNations ‘Leaderboards’ v9.8 Update

    Medal drop attack with single troop should be excluded from Leaderboard ranks, at least attack with 1+ army should be considered
  8. dp1310

    Legendary Token Calendar: August

    Thanks for the Calendar!! However I request to publish the bonus stat of those legendary artifacts, also it would be better if we can have some library of all available legendary artifacts inside game
  9. dp1310

    DomiNations V9.6 Quick Victory

    Again so much oil generation but no way to consume that, please add option to use oil to upgrade wall/gate/bastion
  10. dp1310

    Easy Artifact Sell

    In Museum select one activated artifact, tap Swap, list of Artifacts displayed, tap on "?" icon of any artifact. If the artifact is not good then we will sell it, so there should be a "SELL" button/icon to Sell the artifact immediately without going to store to sell it after finding the same.
  11. dp1310

    Wall upgrade using Oil

    Wall can be upgraded using Food and Gold both now, there should also be option to upgrade using Oil With this new Instant Retrain Blessing, too much oil stored from loot. So, Wall upgrade could be a good option to use the extra oil
  12. dp1310

    Speed up request issue

    We chat heavily in the game, so when some speed up request is posted within few minutes it goes to near bottom to the chat window which is out of sight for players. So if players do not scroll down and get to the bottom of the chat, our requests are not getting fulfilled. So, all speed up...
  13. dp1310

    Vault Capacity and Interest

    Thanks for the detailed analysis!! It clarifies everything with the actual figures. I am following exactly the same.
  14. dp1310

    Vault Capacity and Interest

    What is that basic amount? Also when you click the Info icon, it doesn't show the bonus
  15. dp1310

    Vault Capacity and Interest

    Check the Vault capacity for Oil...Add an artifact in museum which adds 11% bonus to Vault Capacity...Check again the Vault capacity for Oil...The increased amount is not 11% Store Oil in Vault and withdraw the Oil after a day...Note the delta amount added as Vault Interest Add an artifact in...
  16. dp1310

    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    Same here update done - No Parliament available!!! but available to my ally member!!!
  17. dp1310

    Artifact Sell option from Hall

    Go to Main Hall in Museum Click on any Artifact Click on Swap button Select another Artifact Click "?" icon to check the stat If it is not required there should be option to Sell it As per current process, the same Artifact needs to be found in Artifact storage to sell it. This is pretty much...
  18. dp1310

    Instant hunting?

    Ya felt same too...I hope it should be there :)
  19. dp1310

    Blessing placement

    Yes, I use blessings so much & each time I have to drag them all to place in a suitable spot!!
  20. dp1310

    Blessing placement

    From "Prepare for battle" screen try to buy a blessing and game will automatically find a suitable spot for it place the blessing, but from Library many times it doesnt place the blessing in any suitable spot instead it tries place in the center of the screen from where it needs to be dragged to...