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  1. Viridila

    Gunpowder Age base advices?

    Hello! I haven't been playing the game for a long while. I want to do a Gunpowder base makeover, but I don't know where to focus on and where I should put my wonders (I feel they're somewhat useless at this moment). Any suggestions? I've attached a link to a screenshot of my current base...
  2. Viridila

    Deck display error?

    Am I the only who laughs at the boat that stops off from deck instead of at it?
  3. Viridila

    Making the Library easier when researching.

    I'm now happy that there's the feature in the update. :D
  4. Viridila

    Day & night cycle

    I like this idea also, makes the game look more realistic. Additionally, there should be a setting for keeping the daylight still for players who may not be able to see with a dark setting.
  5. Viridila

    Feature to find out what can we spend on? Or what?

    Brought this back up again, I honestly don't know if any other user had suggested this before this post from January 2, 2017.
  6. Viridila

    Gunpowder Age base suggestions?

    Some days ago, I maxed out everything in Medieval age and moved onto the next age. I don't know where to start on renovating with my buildings because there are several ones expected to go out. I don't know where to start? Suggestions please?
  7. Viridila

    Dominations throws me out?

    "Detecting suspicious activity" pops up in order to protect the game from being hacked. Since the game also installs security files. It's a common problem on Android devices. To fix that, uninstall the game and re-download it.
  8. Viridila

    Base editor STILL broken!

    Keeps happening to me. I keep trying to fix some stuff on my base and all I get is a crash for just one click on a building.
  9. Viridila

    Fixing Glitches - please let this be true

    Same here, the whole chat keeps poofing away. I even contacted customer support and I got the usual "copy and paste" reply on restarting the game. :confused:
  10. Viridila

    Adding a Signature

    Sometimes, it does affect on laptops also.
  11. Viridila

    A bug in Stronghold?

    Is anyone having experiences that causes disconnection when receiving/claiming troops from the stronghold? I am not experiencing but user from Google+ is seeing this bug.
  12. Viridila

    VERY DISAPPOINTING in Gender issues...

    Now that I thought back on this after some months. Do you think we should have more female troops in the army (in general like barracks) in later ages? I only see men in barracks and mercenary camps.
  13. Viridila

    A question about multiplayer battles and another problem fixed in new version?

    Is it actually possible for a base to be hacked in MB that automatically gives a pop-up on disconnection, allowing the enemy to gain medals? Example: I summon a wall miner on to the base, then a pop up just says disconnection without the spinner. Or is it just bugs? (Previous version) I also...
  14. Viridila

    A Newbies perspective

    First thing, welcome to the DomiNations community. Second, this is really relatable. But however they don't play frequently due to work. I currently have 4/7 ally mates (not including me) who I know or who are related to one in real life. Originally, we were supposed to have 5. Problem is that...
  15. Viridila

    Alliance Member Status feature!

    If you use Skype, you'll know what I mean. Like that, we should have a setting where we can change our status other than "Online" and offline (after 5 minutes). For example, there can be things like Busy. Why there can't be a setting like that? Sorry for my horrible specify, hope some will...
  16. Viridila

    My Base & Need Base Advice for Allies?

    Do you think maybe advising some allies to focus on protecting the resources are important more than town center? Well I'm not sure. My alliance is too quiet. I'm probably hesitating too much because I want to tell them much and try to help them such as: -Troop recommendations (Idk how to...
  17. Viridila

    A new event is coming soon!

    yay! Spreading the word :D
  18. Viridila

    More Alliance Flags!

    Navalis This you say?
  19. Viridila

    Who's my profile pic?

    Navalis Lol, good try. I thought people know this funny guy. Hint: He's British, very funny, and has a teddy bear!
  20. Viridila

    Who's my profile pic?

    (Buzzer) Try again. XD