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    Crowns lost and alliance

    Bump. I might just do the same. Sorry, Nexon, your game is probably going to fail. At least you tried... No you didn't.
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    BUG: *Alliance Bug*

    Bump. Please fix this nexon! Come on! If you want to be taken seriously, make a working game.
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    Come on guys server down AGAIN

    Server maintenance. If you want the best experience, deal with it. I do however think they should research and find the best time for this, perhaps a weekday and most people aren't on.
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    "Old Glory" Alliance (Open Group) No requirements.

    Why do you keep doing that? Go post your recruiting thread somewhere else. Using other people's recruiting thread isn't cool! If you wanted to invite me, which I don't want to join your alliance, you could have pm'd me.
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    Saving up ruins

    I kept mine. I don't get anything from mine. I already explored them, but when some one else sees my base it looks unexplored to them (gold). But no, I'm not benefitting from them. Attacking troops do seem to go around them though, so they could potentially be used as a defense to lure them in a...
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    "Old Glory" Alliance (Open Group) No requirements.

    Leader: Granola
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    Idea for Alliance Wars

    How about like a start from scratch type of battle, each player gets a certain amount of defensive buildings and a flag (or something) and they get say 45 seconds to build a defensive base to defend that flag. They don't have to use all buildings of course, but whatever they can see beneficial...
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    Idea for Alliance Wars

    Ok so I was thinking of how an alliance war could go down. It would be cool if it was sort of some type of real time arena war. Each player in each alliance would put down say, 5,000 gold and 5,000 food as an entry fee. The maximum one can put as an entry fee will be determined by the average...
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    Join the US Air Force Alliance!!!

    Im in the airforce. Lol. Can I join? I've been looking an alliance.
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    SoCal Empire now recruiting

    I wanna join, I'm from SoCal.
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    The Power Of Roman Legions

    Yup, like the op said, the legion is very powerful, you just have to know how to use him, Ive had him take out a catapult single handedly and survive, granted, he still does, but that one catapult my other troops don't have to worry about. Still, I'm in classical age, this won't last long...
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    The Power Of Roman Legions

    10 Cataphracts, 2 Horse Raiders, 1 Wall Miner, 1 Heavy Legion. Best battalion I've had so far. If I play my cards right, I'll only lose the Wall Miner (which I don't use everytime, so while I make another one im still looting), and at times the Legion and a Cataphract. Either way, I'm still...
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    Interested in owning multiple accounts?

    You don't get it. A device is defined as one piece of hardware, as in one phone, tablet, whatever. If you download some program or app that bypasses this, it's still one device. Please know that any action against the terms and conditions (which you agreed to by playing the game), committed for...
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    Hi, Im interested in joining Troublemakers. How do you promote? Im looking for an alliance with...

    Hi, Im interested in joining Troublemakers. How do you promote? Im looking for an alliance with opportunity and skill building and tactics research focused members. Not interested in medal count as I focus more on resources.
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    Favorite Troops to Deploy?

    What are your Favorite troops to deploy? I like to make sets of groups for different purposes whether it's looting or complete base destruction. These sets I call them battalions and they can contain different types of units. My favorite one, I call (1RB) First Raider Battalion (in case I...
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    Medieval Farming Base "2x2" (Resource protection)

    Not to say this would work, but if an enemy gets in one cell, then takes out the very center wall, they have access to all cells. BUT, as usual, the Warriors in this game are very stupid and will shoot at a wall even though there's already access.
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    Base Design help or New base? (Classical Age)

    It all depends on what your priorities are. What I did, as my priority rests with protecting my resources and upgrades, I made enough room to store 2 storages and defensive buildings inside my walls. As of right now, I am upgrading walls and other things that require food. Walls don't require...
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    Global Takeover official recruitment page!

    Yeah sure. I mean you know my play style is resource focused, not medal, so if that's not cool with you, it's your call. But I really liked this alliance.
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    Global Takeover official recruitment page!

    Can you check if you can still invite me? It never showed the join button on your alliance anymore.
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    Smart soldiers not so smart

    Bump bump bump