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  1. TheWise

    DomiNations Update 12.8 - New Drone Command Level

    Greetings Leaders, DomiNations update 12.8 brings a new level to the Drone Command Building and with it two new Directives. We’ll also take a look at the next Councilor you’ll be recruiting! Automation Age Upgrades Offensive Directive: All-Terrain Navigation- Allied units move at normal...
  2. TheWise

    Bastille Day - Week Ahead 7/15

    Greetings Leaders, This week we recognize Bastille Day! Discounts to upgrading some of your Generals accompany this event alongside your regular Summer for the Ages Discounts. You’ll also find a new Summer for the Ages Resource bonus event too! Main Hall Museum enthusiasts will be able to craft...
  3. TheWise

    Mercenaries clearing forest

    We're sorry to hear that you're running into this issue. Please submit a report to our CS Team here.
  4. TheWise

    Summer for the Ages 2024

    Greetings Leaders, Summer for the Ages begins 7/1 and with it the return of Instant Town Center Upgrades! Of course, you’ll have discounted upgrades once again this year, but this time for Classical through Drone Age. You can also look forward to increased resource production, an extra Video...
  5. TheWise

    Android/Google Crash Issues

    Greetings Leaders, We are aware of an issue where some players on Android/Google devices experience crashes during regular play. As a reminder, like all in-game issues, if you experience this please submit a report to our CS Team here.
  6. TheWise

    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    The team is taking a look, he's available on the guaranteed tier, but should be available in Recruitments momentarily. Was supposed to be available in Recruitments starting 6/3 when the Lü Bu sale went live.
  7. TheWise

    9th Anniversary Community War!

    There won't be a daily scoreboard, but a leaderboard will be up at the end of the event. We should be able to give updates in the middle of the month as a check-in!
  8. TheWise

    Cheating in world war

    Bugs from forums do get shared internally, but as we've said before, without the game information sent from a supporting ticket, it's harder to find/recreate issues players run into. It's harder for me to share the importance of an issue that players experience with a lack of support tickets...
  9. TheWise

    Cheating in world war

    As we've said before, you won't always receive an immediate reply. It is possible that you may not receive a reply for cheat reports, regardless if any action was taken. I understand how frustrating this can be, the replay system is a deeply rooted part of the game that takes quite a bit of...
  10. TheWise

    Cheating in world war

    Please submit those images to the CS Team so that they can investigate, refrain from sharing a list like this so we can avoid false reporting, 'witch hunts', etc.
  11. TheWise

    Failed to load ad consent for ios

    We did not release another fix for this. Again, this is region-dependent and third-party-controlled. As we've previously shared, we've done all we can at this point and time but continue to monitor should we see anything within our control arise.
  12. TheWise

    Cheating in world war

    Please submit a cheating report to our CS Team here so that they can investigate.
  13. TheWise

    Are artifacts supposed to have a 0.00% chance in the chests?

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're planning to give the corrected rewards out after the event period ends!
  14. TheWise

    New Legendary Artifact! - Week Ahead 4/15

    Greetings Leaders, This week a brand new Legendary Artifact is available for your collection! You can also take advantage of the Lucky Peace Museum Event to find that perfect Main Hall Artifact. We’re even featuring the Civil War Event this week to give discounts on even more upgrades. Find all...
  15. TheWise

    How to Link your Dominations account to the new PC version

    Is it possible you've pressed the button for the device link code for Google Play or Games Center?
  16. TheWise

    The Obstruction transmitter

    The Munition affects only speed and damage of Assault Rally, not the duration.
  17. TheWise

    Season 7 - Swift & Stalwart

    Curious, do you have the Burj wonder active before activating an upgrade? It doesn't reduce currently active upgrade times if you switch to it. But if you're starting upgrades while burj is on your map and it still isn't giving the time reduction reach out to our CS Team so they can look at your...
  18. TheWise

    How to Link your Dominations account to the new PC version

    It should be the process noted on, when you go account settings>game settings> there should be a Link an account option that opens up the six digit (this is what you're currently doing by the sounds) On the mobile version of the game, you'd press the gear (settings) button...
  19. TheWise

    Manufactory: Displaying information about weapon ammunition

    Thank you for the feedback, this is something that was requested pretty early on with the release of Manufactory. It's hard to at a glance understand what level units or buildings need to be to receive the Munition buffs. The team has been working on a solution that they hope to release...
  20. TheWise

    Museum Loadout #1 Keeps Resetting Itself

    Lets make sure to submit a ticket to the CS Team so that they can take a proper look. In the meantime, for this issue in particular are you selecting a different loadout and it goes back to loadout 1? Or is it as you say after saving your loadout 1 and going back to choose this as your active...