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  1. Christophos

    Bug to staple buildings...

    With the releas of v11.2 the feature was removed. As a reward for finding and posting it I got a temporary bann and a reset of my base of a month or so. Thank's a lot BHG.
  2. Christophos

    DomiNations v11.2 Update (Available Now)

    O no, the building placement (stable buildings on top of each other or place it in the ocean) was a bug? I always thought it is an easter egg. Was fun playing with it until you banned me temporarely because I told you about it (and yeah, maybe also because I was playing around with that feature...
  3. Christophos


  4. Christophos

    Deleting inactive alliances

    I fully agree. But you can also directly join Helvetia 1291 :-)
  5. Christophos

    Helvetia 1291 - Wochenendkrieger

    Hi Everybody. Our alliance Helvetia 1291 is happy having you with us. We make one world war per weekend. Level 14.
  6. Christophos

    Extra Plane Bug

    Interesting... tell us more about when it happens and how it affects the game
  7. Christophos

    Bug to staple buildings...

    Hi all, I found this bug where I can staple buildings on top of each other. No cheat, hack or any other shady stuff, just a bug in the game. I made a video to show it: Best regards Christophos
  8. Christophos

    More Alliance interaction

    This is not a specific idea But after almost 2 years of Covid lockdown and isolations it would be nice if we could have some more community features. Improved Chat, sharing or selling stuff from the museum or base blueprints whatever. Just more interaction with the community would be nice...
  9. Christophos

    Helvetia 1291 - Wochenendkrieger

    Ich Grüsse euch! Unsere Allianz Helvetia 1291 sucht nach nach Waffenbrüder und Schwestern welche Lust haben einen Weltkrieg pro Wochenende auszutragen. Allianz Level 14, Momentan 20 Spieler.
  10. Christophos

    Revenge mechanics change

    A revenge should be different than a battle. Revenge should ignore peace treaty of the defender and attacker. Because it is our right to have revenge (thus, no punishment by loosing my peace treaty) and the peace treaty of the defender should be ignored because he deserves the counter attack...
  11. Christophos

    Display Economy

    It would be nice to have a overview about how much gold and food per hour are produced. Maybe displayed when clicking on tge total ressources in left upper corner. Best regards Christoph