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  1. LordTywin242AC

    Twitch Live Stream

    There wasn't much new information Joe offered us. It was basically the same answers he gave here on forum. I expected I little more. I didn't bother watching the last half an hour of the twitch, they was just promoting P2W troops, yeah, they nice and all that but I don't wanna pay £$€1.2 per TT...
  2. LordTywin242AC

    contact us responses are made by bots aren't they?

    Did someone say free oil? 🤔
  3. LordTywin242AC

    Is Nexon too soft on cheaters?

    Garuda Sakti been doing it for weeks now if not months. Numerous complaints with screenshots and still they are in Top 10 alliance out there. Its beyond ignorance now, more like Nexon/BHG trolling us.
  4. LordTywin242AC

    In case you missed it

    Quit trolling
  5. LordTywin242AC

    In case you missed it

    R.I.P. World Wars.... forever.
  6. LordTywin242AC


    Вы не можете говорить по-английски? This is an English speaking forum after all....
  7. LordTywin242AC

    Stage 4 predictions

    I'm predicting.... 1000 crowns for everyone Fire breathing bunnies (5) for everyone Free Crown Ship 10 Training And Tactics Blessing And a biiiig apology from Nexon/BHG for messing up our game.
  8. LordTywin242AC

    medal dropping

    Easy now fellah! I thrive on destroying weak bases and I find it fun dropping medals using Raiders and getting 11% destruction to activate opponent's blessings.
  9. LordTywin242AC

    HULK of Romania 2017 is a serial cheater

    We all have been reporting this guy for weeks of not months now. First he had 6 or 7 Air Defences, then he had 5 Tank Depots, then he had 2 Libraries. Old thread about Romania 2017 has been closed and we've been told they'll keep an eye out on him and appropriate actions will be taken...
  10. LordTywin242AC

    Anyone know how many stages of rebalance there will be?

    I have noticed the difference in my attacks but not too much, since I'm lurking down at the bottom, preying on the weak!!!
  11. LordTywin242AC

    Summer flashback sale

    I'm gonna be frank, no, it isn't anywhere as good as Dominations. I don't wanna quit Dominations but at the same time I don't wanna spend more money than usual on Stronghold troops. Like I've already said, I'm gonna wait till Stage 5 is out then I'll make my decision.
  12. LordTywin242AC

    War Academy 2nd Training Slot

    .... And once for War Academy.
  13. LordTywin242AC

    Do you like the rebalance 2? Please vote without bias.

    Never mind. Found you. Both of your accounts are in 800 league. I'll keep an eye out on you from now on.
  14. LordTywin242AC

    DomiNations World Community

    Bulls#@t!!! I tried registering but it says invalid email. How can I have 2 invalid email addresses? Any other site recognise it. And the best part is you giving me a chance to contact Customer service or whatnot but then it's asking me for my email address 😂😂😂😂 which is invalid according to yous.
  15. LordTywin242AC

    Lost expirience

    I was hoping they might add missing XP to upcoming update? Some people have been waiting for months to get what they due.
  16. LordTywin242AC

    More crowns and videos

    Still, I'd rather receive Stronghold troops for watching videos, like it used to be. Now days you can only get SH troops through Daily Wins or Daily Boat.
  17. LordTywin242AC

    We need Troop Chests!

    Champagne for everybody!!! No Angel is treating us.
  18. LordTywin242AC

    Lost expirience

    I'll let you know next Monday how it all went down.
  19. LordTywin242AC

    Lost expirience

    Quick update on Atomic Wonder Pentagon. Stage 1- I wasn't given any XP Stage 2 - I was given some XP This morning I completed Stage 3 and I was given right amount of XP I came to conclusion only Stage 1 and Stage 2 doesn't give you full XP. I'll keep you posted on Stage 3 and 4 Idris...