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  1. Mr Smalls

    Joan of Arc Arrives - Week Ahead 5/8

    @Harlems369th Actual related question. Will Councilor collection be updated with more rewards now that it’s possible to collect more than 160 councilors? Currently tops out at 160, feels a bit empty to bother collecting the new ones if the collection rewards won’t be updated.
  2. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations Update v11.8 - New University Leader

    As in they will only be available for a limited time? Or they are available in a special recruitment at first then added to the rest later?
  3. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations Update v11.8 - New University Leader

    This is a working theory, but I believe that they intended to add the councilors to the game with this update, but not release them till a later date. Main reasoning I think this is because the collection rewards still max at 160 and not 190. So they haven’t updated the rest of council to...
  4. Mr Smalls

    Bunkers not spawning during world war

    I have only been playing 2.5 years, but I’ve never needed to fill mine to have them spawn. Just let them be empty all the time and they always spawned in wars until recently. And again, seems a bit silly that you have to keep them filled for world war. What next? Going to have to make sure all...
  5. Mr Smalls

    Bunkers not spawning during world war

    Hello, It appears that if your bunkers are not filled with oil they no longer spawn during world wars. They have never needed filled previously. I first noticed they aren’t spawning shortly after finishing the new library. I hope this isn’t intentional seeing as it’s a bit silly that defensive...
  6. Mr Smalls

    Actions Against Game Exploits

    Are you also tracking and removing artifacts that were manually crafted after they used the exploit to fill their frags and blueprints to the max amount? Filling fragments up is also a major advantage, even if they did hit craft themselves.
  7. Mr Smalls

    November Legendary Token Calendar

    Not necessarily free, they have offered sales for them in the past.
  8. Mr Smalls

    November Legendary Token Calendar

    In this list, there is literally one legendary that someone might want to spend tokens on. This is pitiful.
  9. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update

    would also like more info about how coalitions weren’t being applied correctly? @Harlems369th
  10. Mr Smalls

    Marco's Legendary Artifacts For Crowns Error

    Dude, they didn’t announce this until after the glove was no longer for sale. Stop commenting on stuff that you apparently know nothing about. You are doing so all over the forum
  11. Mr Smalls

    Marco's Legendary Artifacts For Crowns Error

    What about the people that wanted to buy a Gemini glove with tokens but did not because they bought it with crowns due to your error? @Harlems369th Is it right to make them wait an undefined time to purchase it again due to something that is not their fault?
  12. Mr Smalls

    October Legendary Token Calendar

    Frankly the only multiplayer legendaries worth 300 tokens are the ones that have university research lines. Personal computer should be 100. Also.. your 4 100 token legendaries have all been commonly given out for free. Therefore very little incentive to buy them. Gemini Glove, Art of war, and...
  13. Mr Smalls

    September Legendary Token Calendar

    Can we have a hiatus from Joyeuse sword for a while? You’ve had it available for tokens at least 5-6 times over the past year while lots of good defensive legendaries have only been up 1-2 times at most.
  14. Mr Smalls

    Petition against sitrep

  15. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    It’s not just about the defender not having the combo. It’s impossible for a defender to know what you will switch to museum wise before war day. So even if they have the perfect museum for you, the chances of them guessing which museum you will use are slim.
  16. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    I really hope this doesn’t apply to all enemy defensive tower damage and hitpoints? This doesn’t really help defense at all. It’s already near impossible to take defensive debuffs past -85% due to the amount of lines available. In a standard museum you have 2 weapons and armor with a max of 2...
  17. Mr Smalls

    Riflemen spawning from houses

    Here once again still waiting for an update @Harlems369th
  18. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations v11.2 Update (Available Now)

    Chances are, you are android, or you haven’t updated to the latest version of the game yet.
  19. Mr Smalls

    Alliance Leaderboard Feedback

    I’d be more excited about the last day if I could log into my account competing in the triumph leaderboard. This is just to say, maybe there are more pressing matters to your player base than the last day of the triumph leaderboard at the present and this may seem tone deaf to some.
  20. Mr Smalls

    DomiNations v11.2 Update (Available Now)

    It seems as tho Gamecenter isn’t being recognized from IOS users. You can’t change accounts, and if you uninstall and reinstall you lose access to your account and are put into a new town. Really hope there are backups if that data was deleted somehow