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  1. Garrett Haines

    What has happened to War reward chests?

    Given the time and resources devoted to two war battles, and the silly low amount of loot, what’s the harm in making those reward chests more rewarding? more people warring = better matchmaking more people warring = increased participation and revenue for BHG. were those chests designed when...
  2. Garrett Haines

    Missing munitions after restart

    I was in the process of upgrading a communications relay from level 7 to 8. I logged out and back in and it is GONE the munition is reset to level 1. the resource numbers are the same (I didn’t dispose of it) the troop that had it equipped says level 1 on its relay but it was 7. you can’t...
  3. Garrett Haines


    Please reconsider what a lack of accurate replays means. (Please post your ideas. Here is my main point). The game has a pay-to-play element (which is reasonable, as well as necessary to keep the game in production). Do you join an event? (As in pay to participate)? Do you buy and use...
  4. Garrett Haines

    An idea proposal for generals

    This is BRILLIANT. Don’t know what it would take to code some of these though. But wow are your ideas incredible.
  5. Garrett Haines


    [Edit to original Post] I was imprecise in my characterization of King Crimson's comment. One of KC's main points was seasoned players have less and less need for replays. That doesn't mean 'no value' as I originally claimed. Please ignore that part of my original post. I still disagree...
  6. Garrett Haines

    How do library and musuem boosts etc apply to alliance troops donated

    I'm 90% sure that the bonuses do not travel with your troops, rather they receive whatever bonus the recipient has for a given unit. I've tried testing this (about six months ago). That's what I found.
  7. Garrett Haines

    War attacks not showing up

    No Title Not only are attacks/stars NOT showing up, the game is taking the attack away from you. So you have one screen saying no attack used and the map screen saying you're out of attacks. This is nasty!
  8. Garrett Haines

    World War FAQ: Matchmaking

    They don't have enough players in wars to make matches work. CHANGE MY MIND!
  9. Garrett Haines

    World War FAQ: Matchmaking

    Nothing makes this game more addicting than participating in a war where one side wins by a small amount. NOTHING makes people quit this game more than the mis-matches that are going on in 2019. We just hit a team where the top 10 had THREE level 60 generals each! Our #1 player just hit...
  10. Garrett Haines

    Better MM for world war

    Either there is a massive flaw in the matchmaking algorithm, or there are no people playing the game. My alliance has been paired against others that are vastly more powerful (Bases with 3 or 4 level-60 generals!) for weeks and weeks. Most of our group is Global or lower. Sometimes we can't even...
  11. Garrett Haines

    Temporary solution for those who can’t download the game from AppStore

    The only way I was able to download for my iPAD was to go into my account (App Store) and look up purchased applications. DomiNations was there. That allowed me to re-download. I think it goes without saying that DomiNations failing to appear in App Store sure is a bad situation if you want...
  12. Garrett Haines

    Temporary solution for those who can’t download the game from AppStore

    Just want to reiterate that I the App Store does not list DomiNations for iPAD as of 18 January 2019. I hope this is resolved soon.